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  1. Robbert

    unofficial Vengeance November Highlights

    Oh yes veng baby
  2. Robbert

    weekend EnVy's P2P Sunday FT BP,VD,MF.

    envy looking good
  3. Robbert

    midweek Turmoil's First Midweek

    gl in the scene turm
  4. Robbert

    main Vengeance - We still here.

    Veng never dies
  5. Robbert

    pure/pkri PURGE: SLAMS ENVY P2P PKRI - 22 VS 30

    Yikes looked easy
  6. Nice pull, gratz on big win vs Turmites. Looking forward to a matched opts CWA/ pkri
  7. Robbert

    new Gear Cap in Clan Wars

    Gear cap def would be great and useful for zerk scene
  8. Robbert

    zerk/tank Turmoil Clear Avalon + Ibliys + Gwas Veng

    Lost track of how many mains I can see in these pics alone