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  1. deer

    pure lol ir

    kind of funny lol, but a win over sup is too common
  2. BREAKING NEWS! Pure community toxic in year 2019! Oh nooooo

  3. deer

    pure :b: HISKY

  4. this website is a fucking joke lmfao
  5. That is a good start but what about 3at and the supremacy ranks/members who support him?
  6. So its cool to support this clan that uses these out of game tactics against other clans in the pure community?
  7. So it turns out it is true right? You just happened to clear your name and 3at and nick1 are responsible? Regardless of whatever lies 3at spewed to say it was only in retaliation, this topic enforces the fact that supremacy uses ddos tactics against their rivals in clan wars to gain an upper hand.
  8. CP, FOE, and SUP suck massive cock. Core members from IR/EOP/APEX would smoke any lineup of theirs easily. Quote me and spew more bullshit, just make sure your fat fingers hit the right keys.
  9. Breaking news: slush is an emotional weirdo The fact that he made a topic about this and posted it in pure community discussion says enough
  10. Ok I understand more of where you're coming from, I wasn't thinking of the money for community events.
  11. I don't think money is the problem. It's just trying to become a more established community, now more than ever since there are a ton of new & old players starting up with the release of mobile. Advertising inferno capes and private servers isn't the best look at least imo.
  12. I agree, IR vs. PX rivalry was fairly clean and competitive. Supremacy on the other hand.... just plain rats.
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