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  1. Outlaws

    Feast my piggies

    uh ok
  2. Outlaws

    Purge vs Legacy 2-1

  3. Outlaws

    Thursday - 30 Men Vs 100 Anti Sv Ft Jaja/as/dk/ac/rev/pd

    sv smoked wildy goodshit
  4. Outlaws

    New terms....

    poor banter.
  5. Outlaws

    b(EST) Squad gets mental. (+800m loot!!!!)

    800m but only 1 +1... nice clickbait but gz on trip
  6. looked super easy
  7. holy shit just watched video, imt did get fucking smoked lmfao
  8. lmfao looks like your mad gz ryan and jay and scims
  9. Outlaws

    Xlpc Rankings

  10. Outlaws

    cwa Divine vs. Apocalypse - CW Prep (3-0)

    grats divine
  11. Outlaws

    Temptation ~ Kings of BattleScape

    no connor no tp even though tp was shit
  12. weezy of sv/eop/cp in like 2011 or some shit