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  1. This was a fun time to be apart of. thanks @Zeefor the opportunity
  2. ur getting reeled by a fake acc lmao GZ to all who came out this weekend Misfits took #1 this weekend
  3. Was a Crazy fight All the way from North revs down to c.a ! GF FOE
  4. We got word in the Bounty Hunter world that some clans were massing up and as to starting our 2 Year Anniversary Weekend we massed up 20 hornets later peaking at 30 took on the revenant caves and cleared out not only the Mafia Cc, but we also ran into Hydra and cleared them as well. After cleansing the Rev Caves, and collecting our taxes, we moved onto Gdz, clearing Lava's and Glory Hill for an hour killing anything we saw. Thanks to Mafia & Hydra who gave us clean action today. @OIVC POV
    1. Juicy


      damn gratz on the huge 3man clump, must be your biggest gwass ever

    2. CV IO

      CV IO

      look at mini map doode

  5. Damn @Elve you should probably chill on the losing aftermaths @Couck where's your vid lmao rat
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