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  1. Unrated

    ~Against All Odds~ VS Supremacy P2P Mini 2-1

  2. Unrated

    cwa GMT vs EST pure event

    Just need to train my pure up and i'll be there with anyone that takes my butt.
  3. Unrated

    to all rampage members joining eop...

    30m per trip? Cmaaaan wheres the $$ at
  4. Unrated

    Outburst Vs Eop [2-0]

    Congrats on the win.
  5. Unrated

    announcement New Skin/Ad-hoc Community Events

    Looks like a good addition to get something going!
  6. Ahh can't wait till I can play RS in the shitter.
  7. Unrated

    cwa [MAIN TOURNAMENT] CE vs TT 2-1

    We've got a variety of members though, aside from the DF (Divine Forces) that blacklisted themselves lol.
  8. Unrated

    Vanguard | 115 + | We Do Everything

    Good luck VNG buddies.
  9. Unrated

    In-depth 94-99 Magic guide

    Got lvl110 just by doing this to another clan, thanks.
  10. Unrated

    Guide: How to make Fire - Picture Guide

    Instructions unclear... burned my house down.
  11. Unrated

    pkri JaJa explode SV (singles clan) ft rev

    Congratulations on the looty.
  12. Unrated

    Daily reminder