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  1. I think its cool fi does stuff like this to show their always up
  2. 4ngel

    flaming NTPC clans

    what a joke
  3. 4ngel

    Misfits Closure Video

    Perfect time to close imo. At the height. Gj mf goodluck on your future endeavours
  4. 4ngel

    lpc Damage Control #1 Pure clan daily revs PK

    Possibly the best non-toxic community - Daily rev trips with most members exceeding 80+ CB - Real understanding of RL constraints such as school/work and the general. Just to note some of the features: * Daily rev trips * 1250+ trips * Active mature community * 1b+ Drop parties often (a few per month) * Executive leaders * NON TOXIC
  5. 4ngel

    Christmas time

    no trust to much random drama associated for it to be reputable
  6. 4ngel

    Envy Rivalry Record in 2018

    Isn't that the clan that closed Vendetta lol
  7. 4ngel

    Winter snowball war

    I remember these events where fun AF back in the day. Clans bring mains to weekend events though-- what would prompt them to not break the rules?
  8. 4ngel

    What happened to Vendetta?

    From my understanding they where xlpc rebrand