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  1. Thessalia

    Purge Audio Leak #1 - "We got spanked"

    disgusting voice, how does any1 let this autist lead a team ll0l
  2. ngl u guys are free loot.. lol
  3. go take care of ur kids dude fucking loser l0l0ll
  4. save the propaganda freak. keep crying about rot
  5. Thessalia

    Regarding foe/rot situation

    scummy fo deserves it tbh.. sounds like u dont know what all happened lol
  6. skeez was skilling during the fight and jack is jumbo pregains join fs for off 🤡
  7. Thessalia

    Fearless LPC - F2P Legacy Clan

    oink oink
  8. Thessalia

    weekend [R]age Sunday l "This is pretty easy, but pretty fun."

    rumor has it IMT also closed after this trip.. but not into lpc like the rest of the xlpcs they just closed bc they suck LMFAO
  9. lets see if imt can actually go out in the wild today... 😂
  10. ah yes... fs winse again