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  1. @Cody9204un block me so i can ring ring
  2. bell

    Apex vs Ct- Lose, Lose

    action is action
  3. dident apex members make that? lol for the next tornament do we make our own medals and pay our own members out of our own pocket
  4. bell

    Sovereign clean fight vs Lithuanians

    cool but mains suck dont post this forum
  5. bell

    Clan ads

    sounds sus
  6. bell

    Hey guys!!

  7. bell

    94 CB Rigour Pure Pking

    not sure about defence
  8. im just sick of this clan man. I connected to ts today and that coach guy was making funny noises, sounded like a cat? like what? fibonacci was making weird noises too, it seemed like they both were in on it. Then that Nerdy guy kept stuttering and yelling even when i told him it's only inners...to make things worse when I accidentally burped, Nox, the leader, muted me and said 24 hours, you will be unmuted tomorrow at 9am. That Nick guy kept flaming me and calling me a monkey, I don't even know who he is? And there was also a guy called Moe, he kept saying he wanted to kiss me. What the fuck? I'm never waking up at 4am for this clan ever again
  9. I don't even understand? I fucking tried integrating myself into the community for the last three weeks...legit I idled ts whenever we had events, and I'd chat with people on mic as well. Now that I'm no longer apart of the community, holy fucking shit that Dre kid had the grossest voice i've ever had, he legit sounded gross LOL. That N Ranges kid, jesus christ don't get me started - kid had the river thames flowing around in his mouth, DISGUSTING. I don't understand how not ONE person voted me for an award, even just one person, like why couldn't I get a vote, I did everything? I tried to be nice to that Nick kid one day and he full on flamed me lol, like I don't think he knows me and he just straight out roasted me? I got a poke from coach saying that my mentor had been assigned, his name was Moe. Moe legit trolled me the ENTIRE time, he just giggled and laughed and wasn't even speaking english, couldn't understand him...the only words I could understand were that he wanted to face-fuck me, what the fuck? Who the fuck goes on the internet and says this shit? I 'm done with pure clanning, my first experience and now my last. Never again. Those awards looked so cool and im fucking pissed off I didn't get a vote for anything. Im out.