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  1. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday, 15th September: Final Ownage Elite massed up ~75 elites for a sick as fuck P2P trip. Today's trips consisted of multiple clans pulling a few more than us so we were ready to fight clans down numbers and show we are the strongest wilderness clan. We were also prepared for every single Pure Clan to be gunning after us but no matter what we positioned ourselves to make sure we would always come out on top. Today was quite action packed with FOE taking part in multiple clusters and fought Rage down 10 in a long ~30 minute return fight and managed to fully clear them. Overall today's performance was superb, see you guys next week. Rise FOE, Rise. ~Isaak ~Pete ~Jesse
  2. "tormenting" the only times you hit us was when we were fighting a different clan, you ran to singles every single time we shifted our attention to your dogshit clan LOL
  3. Outrage is in disarray after kicking 2 core members "stigi" & "marwan" after attending a prep between LY and FI... more to follow!

  4. yeah your quality really showed when you had 8 ingame to our 74
  5.  Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday, 1st September: Final Ownage Elite massed up ~65 elites for an EXTREMELY dominant/historic P2P trip. We may not have had a crazy big pull but we still managed to make history, adding another chapter in the FOE vs the World campaign. We started off the trip by dominating some clusters and then we then we turned it up a notch and the trip turned into a 4+ hour GDZ return fight. The entire pure community knows FOE are the undisputed kings of return fights so I'm sure it was to no one's surprise that we came out as the undisputed winners AGAIN. During the war, we faced many obstacles and overcame every single one due to having the most experienced/unbreakable member base in the pure scene. We fought against a full on country clan, many mains, many raggers, and many different clans from the Anti-FOE but it only made us stronger and more determined to come out on top. We always expect clans to diminish our accomplishments with their poor propaganda but it's nothing we haven't seen before. When will clans learn that FOE is unbeatable at GDZ? Best pure clan in the game. LOTS ARE UPLOADING. Saw a small cluster between a couple clans at fog and ended it with ease. Majority of the scene was fighting around fally so we joined in. We quickly gained control of the entire fight and cleared multiple different clans. Each of them were regrouping left and right so we eventually had to regroup ourselves before heading out for more action. FOE VS OUTRAGE (4 hour fight) ~~~ We decided today would be the perfect day foe a clean matched 1v1 vs Outrage and we chose GDZ as the location. Off the rush, we gained a massive lead and for a good duration we were chasing them around GDZ completely murdering them in game. A couple different clans crashed so we had to re-position ourselves over and over but we kept our eyes on the target. Since Outrage were getting completely slammed, they decided their only hope was to hide inside GDZ hut and prayed we wouldn't follow them inside. We didn't hesitate at all and we instantly ran in and gained a massive lead again. It was in this moment Outrage resorted to returning in 1 item and bringing mains to the fight but it didn't save them. We stayed returning in gear and kept the pressure up on them. The fight was so 1 sided that Outrage eventually ended up paying a country clan "Venezuelans" to come hit us but it failed miserably. We broke down every single ally they called upon until they stooped to numbers so low such as 10~ in game to our 70+. Their ts numbers were dropping rapidly and we knew they planned on having the same 10~ people return vs our 60. However their plan failed miserably and the damage was already done. We walked away with a HUGE win. LOL Venezuela ^
  6.  Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Saturday, 31st July: Final Ownage Elite massed up ~60 elites for a solid action filled F2P trip. Although we didn't have the highest pull today, we were still prepared to fight down opts and take any fight we could get. We didn't hesitate to get involved in bigger clusters or fear the anti Foe alliance. Instead, we accepted the challenge and displayed a solid performance to the pure scene. We dominated everything we were involved in and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. No need for banks here in FOE. Really fun trip today, we will go even harder for next week as well. ~Old Pears ~Jordai ~Dean ~Utc ~Korasi FOE vs OUTRAGE The first fight of the day started between Legacy and Outrage. We crashed within seconds and the instantly tried to team on us but failed miserably. Legacy ended up running away while we camped Outrage in singles till they dropped below 30~ in game to our 50+. We ran to multi and we were not surprised to see them remain far away in the safe zone. Sup and Rage with 65+ each started a fight near 13 ports. It was going on for awhile before we decided to jump in but we quickly gained control over the 2 clans in the 3 way cluster. It started with us forcing both clans into single before they began their individual regroups. Supremacy decided to get a regroup while Rage re rushed us in multi on top of 13 ports. The fight was pretty even despite us being down nearly 15 opts in teamspeak. We eventually gained a pretty decent lead on them right before Sup re rushed. Rage decided to get a regroup after Supremacy returned to the fight so it left us in a 1v1 vs Supremacy. We knew they were returning off of a full regroup and we had just been fighting Rage so we were prepared to return hard as we dragged the fight towards CA. We returned hard and never let them get a major lead on us and they ended up running away from us and logging out just as the fight evened out. Rage then re-rushed right after Supremacy logged from us. We fought Rage in a clean 1v1 at CA for a decent amount of time. It was even for most of the fight but nearing the end we got up to a +15-20 opt lead on them and they called it quits and ran to graves. We remained in multi at CA untouched as we took our ending. WAVE AFTER WAVE NO BANK NEEDED. FOE vs OUTRAGE We saw some baby clans having a cluster of their own by bandit camp so we hit them. Outrage immediately ran away from us into edge. FOE vs OUTRAGE We got word Outrage organized a team on crash fight with CD near corp hill so we decided to give them the chance to team on us. We rushed and killed many CD forcing them away from the fight needing to regroup. It left Outrage alone to us so they decided to run to graveyard and hide in singles but it didn't matter. We camped them till they had under 20 in game then went to multi and once again they did not follow.
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