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  1. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday, 20th October: Final Ownage Elite massed up 75 elites for another dominant P2P trip. Thinking yesterday might have been an off day, we crossed our fingers for the Anti-FOE alliance to make an appearance today but they failed us yet again. They attempted to mass up today but cancelled before they even hit the wilderness due to 2 of the 3 alliance clans backing out last minute. We weren't surprised in the slightest that they would break so easily, but we were definitely disappointed that they didn't last longer. How humiliating it must be to ally with 3 other main clans just to pussy out only 4 weeks in. Empty threats from dogshit rookies that need to learn the game. FOE will be waiting patiently for the next time AF+Rev pipe up you fucking weak faggots. keep crying fatass As expected, we dominated the wilderness today. A couple clans started off the trip with higher numbers than us but after a few hits, we matched everyone and completely used and abused them. We were able to get our hands on nearly every single fight that occurred today and as always we ended bodied every clan. Despite being down some opts, we held our own and outlasted and outmaneuvered every clan, leaving us as the last clan in multi EVERY fight. We ended with over 70 in teamspeak, ending as the last and highest pulling clan. The rise of FOE continues. Horrible week for Anti-FOE pure AND main clan(s). ~Erik ~Utc ~Safe ft. Nando 4n speech ~Swip ~Lawii ~Pete 
  2. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Saturday, 19th October: Final Ownage Elite massed up 70 elites for F2P today. We have only gained each weekend since Anti-FOE took up arms against us and it won't stop anytime soon. We were looking forward to humiliating Anti-FOE (again) but it seems as if they were too scared to even attempt to crash us today. After AF+Rev were claiming they were going to "Kill FO" and chase us at all of our fights, they completely backed out not even after 2 weeks. Truly amusing how 3 main clans can be so submissive to a single pure clan. Fucking weak ass kids lmfao. Our members are all laughing at you because you're all fucking dog and started something you will never be able to finish. We want you to go for at least 2 years because we love slamming our cocks up your virgin asses and so we can be the first Pure Clan to close some irrelevant, washed up dog shit Main Clans lmfao. Keep the same fucking energy you losers because now you are forced to hit us forever lmfao. Feel free to try again tomorrow and next week, and next year as well AF+Rev! We'll be waiting to fucking laugh and humiliate you pussies again as we kill you. Although we weren't the highest pulling clan today, we definitely made our mark and took #1. We were the only clan to remain in multi the entire duration of the trip as we fought our way through clusters and clean 1v1s. Never once were we put into an uneasy position where we were losing to another clan. As always, FOE had full control of the wild and displayed a top notch performance. To no one's surprise, FOE ended as the last clan out, ending with 65+ strong. Excellent week for us, can't wait for P2P Sunday. ~Pete ~Parm ~zigy ~Pete EZ FOR FOE 
  3. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord On this long awaited day, we massed up 45 elites ready to defend our F2P matched title versus Apex. We came off a loss yesterday but it didn't stop us from focusing on today. We knew the entire pure community was foaming from the mouth crossing their fingers that FOE would lose today but at the end of the day, they were silenced. More proof that FOE is still the strongest F2P pure clan and miles ahead of everyone else. It was a super close fight today but we were resilient and pulled through with the win. FOE thrives for competition. Thanks Apex for the fight and GREAT JOB TO FOE. Round 1: Defeat Round 2: Victory Final Ownage Elite Starting/Ending: 41/16 Apex Starting/Ending: 41/0 Round 3: Victory Final Ownage Elite Starting/Ending: 43/9 Apex Starting/Ending: 43/0 ~Utc ~Swip MORE UPLOADING VERY SHORTLY.
  4. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday, 13th October: Final Ownage Elite massed up ~70 elites and had the best trip out of all the Pure Clans today. With Anti-FOE ragging us, we were prepared to fight them for hours but all they could give us was a 5 minute 1v1 which ended in them getting fucking wiped off the map. To start off the trip we found Rage, Legacy and Supremacy in low level wilderness and made sure we got in on the action, clearing up everything on sight. While waiting in a world at CA, AF rushed us with 40 and got completely shit on with hardly any FOE members dying. While the mains were either dead or too slow to even hit us, we roamed the wilderness some more and focused on any clusters we could find. We even fought Rage down 25 or so and managed to take out a lot of them before other clans crashed. We made sure we would reposition whenever needed and always controlled the best part of the map in each fight. When all clans were cleared, we were usually the last clan standing and with the most numbers in game. We started with 70 and ended with around 65 elites, and were also the last clan to end. Anti-FOE realised once again that they lost to pures and towards the end they were reduced to 1 item. Honestly, pretty pathetic and another incredibly easy day for FOE. You won't fucking break us pussies. See you again. ~Erik ~Isaak ~Safe
  5. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Saturday, 12th October: Final Ownage Elite massed up 55 elites later ending at 60. We were informed that Anti-FOE were prepping hard to crash us today but we were more than prepared to fight back harder. We just came off of 2 big event wins earlier in the week and the plan was to keep the wins rolling so we did just that. Everyone was on the same page that we were ready to fight for hours no matter the odds against us but we were incredibly disappointed to see that Anti-FOE were not about that. We enjoyed our hits against our fellow pure clans and cleared up multiple clusters and ended as the last clan out. Unfortunately, Anti-FOE realized they were in no position to compete with us so they took their losses and ended before giving us a real good fight. Incredibly easy day for FOE. You won't fucking break us pussies. ~Isaak ~Swip We started a fight with Legacy around 13s and baited Anti-Foe into logging in. Legacy left shortly after so we moved the fight to CA where we would fully clear Anti-Foe off the map. They killed under 3 people before they logged out to get a regroup. For our second clash of the day, we rushed Supremacy down 10 at 13 ports. Despite being down 10, the fight remained pretty even till others crashed. Our rush created a cluster with multiple other clans. We maneuvered ourselves around the map while being hit by Anti-FOE but it didn't matter. We were able to fully clear every clan to single and it left us alone vs Anti-FOE east of 13s. They rushed with over 60 MAINS in game but left shortly after realizing they fucked up. Hit some baby clans at bandits and ended their fight in .5
  6. why would you possibly drag away from a return spot when you were down 30? you were trying to drag us to 13 ports so Supremacy could 2v1 Rage with the 30 CD mains they had on standby, you're not fooling anyone with your awful propaganda See you tomorrow!
  7. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 WHAT??? you & Supremacy crashed a clean 1v1 between us & Rage, proceeded to get fucked by us and ran to 13 ports while Rage were handling Supremacy, this is why you're widely regarded as a propaganda clan!
  8. yeah you sure stomped us buddy, your propaganda office must be working overtime!
  9. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Saturday, 28th September: Final Ownage Elite massed up 65 elites for a sick F2P trip as usual. After a long week of events, we came out today ready to dominate the F2P wilderness and we were happy with the outcome. We had more numbers than the majority of the scene today but it didn't stop us from having some competitive fights. The trip started off pretty slow due to multiple clans abusing each other with mains. Eventually later on into the trip we brought some of the higher pulling clans together and had some fun action. Some Anti-FOE clans tried their hardest to organize some coordinated hits on us today but it was a complete failure and resulted in some major wins for FOE. Definitely a dominant trip for FOE and I'm sure a wake up call for the pure scene that FOE is on the rise. Special shoutout to Rage for the clean & competitive fights! ~Pete (more coming) Got word of a cluster at bandit camp so we went to hit it. Sadly, mains logged in so every clan ran away from the fight. Some of the lower pulling clans were having a cluster at CA. We watched it for some time before crashing clearing multiple clans. We hoped a couple of them would turn on us to team up but it didn't happen. We were tired of clans running so we approached Rage for a 1v1 pkri at CA. We had around 65 to their 75~ but we didn't hesitate taking on the challenge. The start of the fight was good, we were picking up quick kills but they had the number advantage on us so they took control of the fight. We never got into a bad position and returned hard till around halfway through the fight we ended up going up on them. The fight remained very even until it was crashed by Supremacy + Outrage holding hands. FOE vs OUTRAGE The Anti-Foe came in together holding hands with each other so we quickly turned our focus around on them. It turned into a decent cluster around CA with clans fighting each other all around. We were moving around trying to put ourselves in a position to hit Outrage and we did just that. FOE vs OUTRAGE We noticed Outrage were trying to set up a regroup northwest of CA. They were scared to come inside and fight us so we brought the fight directly to them. Off the rush we killed around 5 kids and they went from 50 in game (with 10 mains) to under 25 in game to our 55+. They ran for their lives clear over to 13 ports with their tiny 20 men in game. After clearing the majority of them up, we went over back to the original fight. After fully clearing Outrage, Supremacy was left alone to deal with us. Unfortunately, Supremacy had a main clan get in their capes but it really didn't do anything. They went from having 95 in game (35 mains) to under 40 pures in game within minutes. They realized they were lost without Outrage and decided to hug single line so we dipped out. risked my life for a flame fucking smoked
  10. taking propaganda pictures at 13 ports when we're fighting 3 different clans at a cluster is not going to save your clan unfortunately, get to recruiting!
  11. stood your ground with what, 21 pures vs 56? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  12. 7 mains 0 wins, you lost the rivalry 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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