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  1. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord To kick off the first prep of the year, we rolled up with 60 eagles for our first F2P victory of 2019. With a clutch round 1, we stepped it up and took full control of the 2nd round where we won with ease. Somewhat sloppy performance from us today but seeing as it was our first prep in quite some time, we will take the win. Some things to work on but overall a good start to the new year. Thanks Sup for another competitive fight. Round 1: Victory Final Ownage Elite Starting/Ending: 40/15 Supremacy Starting/Ending: 40/0 Round 2: Victory Final Ownage Elite Starting/Ending: 40/24 Supremacy Starting/Ending: 40/0  Round 3: Defeat ~Utc
  2. and you wonder why foe mains were present at the fight?
  3. kreaz


    yup lets just ignore the fact that Apex rolled out in the wilderness with 40 invites, 2 mass joins, and multiple people from FS/EOP sniping foe on mains
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    Apparently Apex brought no mains!

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    2. Pigwrestler7


      The difference is the mains in apex capes were 120s and you had shitters in rune @90 combat. You said on your forums you’d play dirty and that we’d get the ‘eop’ treatment - glad to see you’re becoming eop yourselves lmfao.

      reply if you agree

    3. kreaz


      6 minutes ago, Pigwrestler7 said:

      The difference is the mains in apex capes were 120s and you had shitters in rune @90 combat. You said on your forums you’d play dirty and that we’d get the ‘eop’ treatment - glad to see you’re becoming eop yourselves lmfao.

      reply if you agree

      that is simply not true, do you mean to tell me that all of apex' 25 mains were 120cb? i'd like to know how me and multiple other members in foe were being sniped by them then, your argument is invalid and therefore this discussion is pointless, good bye and best of luck tomorrow

    4. Mustafa


      For how long are apex and IR gonna pretend to be the victims

  5. kreaz

    Speak Up Rats.

    no mains? you're awful at playing the victim role
  6. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Saturday, January 5th, 2019: Final Ownage Elite massed up 140 elites later peaking at 150 for one of the most historic PK trips in history. No other clan on the game has accomplished even close to something like what we achieved today. For the past 5 days, we have been preparing for the frst trips of the year and more specifically this weekend vs Apex. We were well aware that they were looking at pulling high numbers today after seeing 2 clans completely close into them (Misfits+EOP). However, this didn't faze us in the slightest, we were prepared to fight down opts with no hesitation to prove yet again that we are unbeatable in our current state. It didn't matter that we were down 30, they had teams with them and mains ragging us, the only thing we were focused on was winning and we did just that. We managed to FULLY clear our opponents despite facing everything listed above, we worked through thick and thin to come out on top as the uncontested winners. With all the eyes on us, we once again prevailed as the kings of the wilderness. They will try their hardest to spew out propaganda as to why they lost, but we all know what really happened including their own members. This clan is the definition of unbreakable, with the best members in the game. Legends of Everything. ~ Utc ~ Jordai ~ Erik (Apex + EOP + Misfits) FOE Starting - 140 Apex Starting - 170 Knowing we were down 35~ we walked up to CA with no hesitation or fear of what could happen. We were confident in our ability to out return our opponents. The fight began west of CA where they gained a slight advantage due to having the opt advantage. However, after around 15 minutes we evened it out and put the pressure on. For the first hour and a half of the fight, it consisted of us chasing them around whilst being completely untouched just killing them wherever they ran. At about the 2 hour mark, they brought it back slightly for about 30 seconds and began spamming trying to hype themselves up but shortly after we once again gained our lead back to where it was before. Around 2 and a half hours in, they dropped from 170 in ts to 115 so we knew they were on the verge of breaking. The last 30 minutes of the fight we stayed up 60-70 opts the entire time before they called it quits inside CA. We watched them run with their capes off as they logged out in single. Although the fight was only 3 hours long, we were prepared to go all night. We don't fucking break. We are the strongest Pure Clan. FOE Ending - 135 Apex Ending - 0 (they took capes off and called a log out) Their Leader admitting Defeat
  7. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord After an undisputed #1 Saturday trip, we scheduled a 55v55 prep vs Supremacy in clan wars. They were kind enough to give us the fight so we rolled up with 70 elites for a very competitive and fun fight. We messed up a few times throughout the first round but had a clutch round 2 win and a very convincing round 3 win to end the prep. Strong performance the last couple rounds, really well fought from Supremacy. First clw fight we have had in awhile but came out with the dub. Good job to those that came, see you for a huge P2P trip tomorrow. GF Sup. Round 1: Defeat Round 2: Victory Final Ownage Elite Starting/Ending: 57/13 Supremacy Starting/Ending: 57/0  Round 3: Victory Final Ownage Elite Starting/Ending: 55/41 Supremacy Starting/Ending: 55/0 ~Utc ~Schweden ~Ryan Old Pears
  8. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday, December 2nd; Final Ownage Elite massed up 105 elites to see what we were up against today in P2P after a smoke session in F2P. Yesterday, we completely obliterated EOP at gdz in a 100v100+ fight and against 90 MAINS and we were ready for a similar battle today, but unfortunately EOP only managed to peak at 60 and avoided us the entire trip. So, we chased them around the wilderness in hopes they would eventually fight us. After denying them action, they were forced to end and go fight in clan wars. Another weekend of sending EOP to clan wars, another weekend of EOP dying. LOL BTW, isn't this ironic? After EOP ended, we went to Clan Wars ourselves and did a 40v40 inners battle for some fun. FOE WINS AGAIN. ~Erik ~Utc
  9. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Saturday, December 1st; Final Ownage Elite massed up 110 elites to take part in a historic victory in the F2P server. After watching EOP's every move throughout the week, we were informed that they were preparing for a "redemption" weekend so we rallied up the troops to fight back. Knowing this was one of EOP's last attempts at hype, we were prepared for them to do whatever it would take to win implying they were going to bring a mass amount mains. But as we have displayed for months now, it doesn't matter what our enemies bring, we are the definition of being unbreakable and will never ever give up no matter what we are up against. Today, FOE took on a clan that stooped so low to to the point where they brought 90 MAINS. After 40 minutes, FOE prevailed as the uncontested winner. By far one of if not the strongest performance I have ever seen from any pure clan. Today was a true display of determination and grit where we completely outdid our opponents. Nothing can save EOP anymore. (Audio of EOP teamspeak will be exposed soon). ~Schweden ~Latin ~Utc ~Erik ~Dean FOE Starting - 105 EOP Starting - 80 pures (90 mains) with 25 Jaja. For 1 hour, we walked around the wildy gaining teamspeak opts while EOP were trying to organize a team with Jaja before fighting us. It took Jaja a full hour to mass up 25 maxed mains to aid their alliance clan but we quickly ended the fight fast. EoP figured we would have dropped opts but they far from correct. The fight started with us rushing them at GDZ, within seconds, Jaja and Eop mains logged in northeast and reached up to 90 mains in game. We dominated Eop's pures and quickly dropped them to 30~ pures in game early on leaving the mains for us to feast on. We were up opts for 30 minutes straight and near the 25-30 minute mark, EOP was completely broken and left alone to die. Despite us matching up vs 90 mains, we were never in an uneasy position and managed to take our win with ease. At the very end of the fight, Eop called off returns and ended their trip in edge with 20 people while we stood strong with 100+ in GDZ untouched. Never in my life have I seen a clan bring 90 mains and on top of that fucking lose. Unreal job today.
  10. Who do you think the next fullout is going to between and in what server? Personally I'd like to see a potential P2P rematch of Foe vs Apex as they feel pretty closely matched in terms of quality, but a F2P fullout with Eop vs Foe would be interesting too
  11. What are your predictions for this weekend, which clans are going to come out on top after the Saturday/Sunday trip?
  12. Who would be in your dream team rank lineup? 2 Leaders, 2 High Councils, 1 Warlord, 2 Councils, 2 Officers Leaders High Councils Warlord Councils Officers
  13. If you could have 1 member from another clan, whether it would be someone good ingame, a good caller, a workhorse, a website administrator, who would it be? EOP - FOE - SUP - IR - Apex - Fatality - Misfits - Envy - Vendetta - WAR -
  14. kreaz

    OP mini gear?

    What do you guys think about the current BIS mini gear, I feel like it's gotten out of hand now that every style can hit 45+'s, with the addition of crazy dps weapons like the Rapier and the effectiveness of D scims Is there any solution to this problem or will the pvmers continue to crave new BIS items, thus in turn making minis more of a game of RNG than a game of skill?
  15. What is your favorite fight that you've ever been a part of? Doesn't have to be a pure fight