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  1. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday, February 10th; Final Ownage Elite massed up 130~ elites for one of the most lit trips in awhile. Another perfect action packed trip where we displayed to everyone why FOE are #1. We won in every single aspect of the game today and it was clear that FOE is way ahead of every clan. After demoralizing Apex yesterday, we knew today would be a complete breeze. They managed to gather 20+ invites to their trip to peak at 110~ but it wasn't anything close to enough. We slaughtered them in every way possible whether it was in a return fight or just a full clear 1v1. After today, it is very clear to all of Apex that they are in no position whatsoever to compete with FOE, they don't have the numbers, they don't have the brains, and they definitely do not have the mentality. Another trip where FOE reigns on the pure community and completely dismantles our enemies ending as the last pure clan out. There is no propaganda in this topic, make sure to watch the vids to witness how to humiliate a clan and break them into pieces. (raw audio will be posted in the next couple days). ~Erik ~Schweden ~Dean ~Utc (gdz fight vs Apex). The first hit of the day was a fast one at GDZ between a few clans. We noticed a fight on the horizon so we cleared it where none of them could telle from us. (30-minute fight) Apex got the courage to try and crash us while we were clearing the GDZ cluster so we prepared ourselves for their rush and got ready to fight them at gap. We knew the fight would be a complete slaughter at this location so we were prepared to stay for hours killing them over and over. As usual, we gained a huge lead off the rush and Apex eventually tried bringing the fight closer to GDZ. For over 20 minutes, we chased Apex around GDZ untouched, we killed hundreds of them on log in and eventually the broke in the middle of the fight. They ended up giving up and called off returns during the fight so we took a massive win @ GDZ. This is what happens in a return fight where you can't telle out over and over, even 1 iteming and mains didn't save them. Get fucked. Saw a cluster at CA and cleared it up fast. Fights going on between alliance clans at Fog so we went and killed them all. After a demoralizing loss at GDZ, Apex came up with a plan to try and fight us at CA. They attempted to bait us inside the altar at an attempt to gwas us but they got completely outplayed. We were able to counter their plan with ease and we baited them to come outside the altar where they walked into a 40 man clump and we fully cleared them. They attempted to return to corp but we were way ahead of them so they decided to telle out. Don't think they killed a single person.
  2. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord  Saturday, February 9th; Final Ownage Elite massed up 120~ elites and continued the era of being completely unmatched in the wilderness. Today we had little to no competition but still managed to get every piece of action available for us. Unfortunately, clans attempted to team on us but failed miserably so the fights didn't last too long. The majority of our hits consisted of us hitting clusters and ending clans 1v2. During this time, Apex couldn't gather the balls to fight us at any point in the trip. They eventually ended after literally doing nothing for 1.5 hours with 80~ people. More proof that FOE is and remains the greatest pure clan. Looks like a new anti-Foe alliance is on the rise, can't wait to body them AGAIN. First clan in, last clan out. See you guys tomorrow for a MASSIVE P2P trip. ~Erik ~Utc ~Jens Saw a couple clans fighting at 13 ports so we rushed it pretty early on in the trip. Sup and IR ran once we rushed so the fight ended quick. Saw 2 downie clans fighting at fally so we rushed it in .5 and ended the fight with ease. Both clans were too scared to fight back. Cluster was going on at sperm so we ended it. The alliance clans tried to set up a team on crash at bandits and it was a complete mess. We killed all of them and made them enter singles multiple times in the fight. We made Apex run back to their cave with 40~ in game before all of the alliance clans gave up and logged out in single to our 90+. Allaince set up a fight at fog and figured we wouldn't come because it was at such a low wild level. They were wrong. Alliance set up a fight at barbarian village and we arrived before everyone to kill them all. They quickly ran away so it left us in a 1v1 vs Apex where they camped single so we fully cleared them in single before heading back to multi untouched.
  3. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord  Sunday, February 3rd; Final Ownage Elite massed up 135~ elites for another solid trip where we ended the pure community and remained the last clan standing. Since Apex was the only clan close to our numbers (thanks to them having 25 invites), the majority of our action was with them and a few others in massive clusters. As per usual, FOE climbed to the top and ended every single fight/cluster as the clear victor. We outplayed our opponents every way possible, whether it was a return fight, cluster, or clean 1v1. We don't live off of fake news and propaganda, we don't pussy out in return fights and degear into rag. We just win. After hours of action, the entire pure scene ended and left us as the last remaining clan. Great start to another memorable month in FOE, can't wait for next week. Hopefully Apex pulls a decent amount next weekend and can continue giving us free wins left and right. ~Erik ~Schweden ~Dean ~Utc After waiting for Apex to walk up from edge, they finally grew the balls to advance to boneyard and fight us 1v1. Of course they chose to stay below 30~ wild so they could telle out freely but it didn't matter. We caught them off guard while they were in a fall in and began the slaughter. They tried running to corp but we cut them off and pushed them further and further north until they had a low 15~ in game to our 90+. 1-0. (45 minute fight). After waiting a very long time for Apex to recover from the last beatdown, we defended at sperm and waited for them to rush. As always, we quickly gained a lead off the start and they tried moving closer to CA to hide from us. During this time, Legacy came to crash so we switched our focus to them, fully clearing them before going back to Apex. We then chased Apex to CA where they were regrouping and started the 1v1 yet again. Multiple clans attempted to crash the fight but with a few movements we constantly found ourselves focusing on Apex before anyone else. For around 30~ minutes, we completely murdered Apex, having over double their opts in game the entire time until they told their entire clan to return in 1 item. The fight ended when we had over 90+ in game (fully geared) to their 10~ (1 itemers). 2-0. To end off the day, we had a very clean win over Apex AGAIN. Since they dropped around 35~ from their original starting numbers, we knew the fight would be quick and easy and we were definitely not wrong. With the help of some good tactics, we baited Apex above level 30 wild where they were forced to sit there and die to 120 FOE. We baited them to dwarves and completely ran them over before they ran down to CA with 15~ in game to our perfect ending of 105. 3-0.
  4. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord  Saturday, February 2nd; Final Ownage Elite massed up 120~ elites to kick off February as the best pure clan and that is exactly what we did. Being very consistent, we managed to gather up a good amount of people and put out another top notch performance in the F2P wild. The trip was action packed full of 1v1s and even some 1v2 clusters where FOE came out on top every time. Apex managed to pull a low 90 but we quickly put a big dent in their numbers after a massive 1v1 win early on in the trip. From there on out, they were struggling to go over 80 in game and ran from us at every opportunity, getting little to no action. Even though they are the only clan still bringing mains, they still can't manage to have 1 successful wilderness trip. Another trip where FOE remains on top whether we are being ragged on mains, teamed on, outnumbered. It has now been 6~ months where FOE has steadily held #1 and February will be another one added to the books. Great job to all that attended today. Shout out to Legacy and Sup for the good fun today (where was apex?). ~Utc ~Jens more uploading To start off the trip with a fast W, we noticed Apex were planning a very low iq tactic where they would sit inside Castle and get slaughtered by 100+ FOE for a good 15 minutes straight. We rushed them and instantly gained a huge lead and it never dropped anywhere close to them for 15 mins straight. We chased them up and down floors slaying countless amount of sharks. In the end, they ran up to the top floor with 25~ people to our 100+ in game so we walked off with our free and easy win. 10 mains and you still get fucking shit on. + FOE vs LEGACY We saw Supremacy and Legacy were having a clean 1v1 at bandits so we joined in on the fun. We rushed in knowing that it was a planned team on crash but we enjoyed the challenge. We maneuvered around both clans and held our ground in the cluster, controlling the majority of the fight. After a good amount of time, we noticed Apex finally grew the balls to attempt to rush us so we prepared ourselves for them. The cluster ended when Legacy went to single and it gave us time to sneak onto Apex to hit them a 2nd time. We had a surprise log in on Apex at bandits telle spot and instantly gained HUGE lead in the 1v1. As soon as they saw us log in, they attempted to fight us back but realized our quality is unmatched so they ran for their lives back to their cave. The opts were around 110v45 in game before they ran up the ladders of the castle again. They refused to leave for the rest of the trip so we let them be and watched them end their trip. + FOE vs LEGACY Once again the 2 clans set up another 1v1 at corp hill and we decided to join in on the action again. Same thing as last time, we were aware that they were going to 1v2 us since we had the opt advantage but we excelled during the cluster. We moved around and eventually got a full clear off on Legacy before moving onto Supremacy. Eventually both clans decided to leave the fight and left us at CA untouched. Apex was MIA this entire time and decided to end their trip shortly after.
  6. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Fatality approached us for a F2P Prep today on short notice and we gladly accepted. It's been a while since we last fought them so we were ready to show Fatality how the F2P Kings war. We massed up ~55 elites in 30 minutes and took the clean 3-0 victory with a dominant performance each round. Thanks Fatality for the short notice event. Hope to do more in the future. Round 1: Victory Final Ownage Elite Starting/Ending: 33/28 Fatality Starting/Ending: 33/0 Round 2: Victory Final Ownage Elite Starting/Ending: 35/29 Fatality Starting/Ending: 35/0 Round 3: Victory Final Ownage Elite Starting/Ending: 32/25 Fatality Starting/Ending: 32/0 ~Utc
  7. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord We set up a Friday night PKRI vs Supremacy and they accepted. Both clans were able to mass up a quick 45~ members within 30 minutes so we set out to the wilderness for a clean competitive fight. For the majority of the fight, we were up opts and ended the 30 min fight on top. Pretty decent performance from us today but always could be better. Thanks for the action Sup. See you tomorrow. ~Utc ~Giggs
  8. What an absolutely humiliating weekend to be Apex. Completely doing NOTHING ON Saturday just to completely throw away a perfectly good opportunity to fight FOE on Sunday. Saturday- Mainly just a bunch of very awkward silence. Ranks blaming IR for pulling low without acknowledging that they pulled low themselves (30 less than FOE). Ending to go to P2P inners on a Saturday. Sunday- Fight 1: Listen to how broken they sound after the first fight LOL. You can just tell deep down they know they got fucking smoked regardless of what propaganda they try to spew on teamspeak. Fight 2: Apex attempts to run with a fake win but fails MISERABLY. "We have the opt advantage telle to edge" when it is clearly 76v30 in game LOL. As soon as FOE telles to edge to expose them, their ranks have an awkward laugh saying "foe is mad" because they know they fucked up. Unfortunately there wasn't too much audio this week due to their teamspeak looking like this. Hopefully next week they nut up and fight us back!
  9. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday, January 27th; Final Ownage Elite massed up 140~ elites for another walk in the park of a P2P trip. After forcing Apex to end without any action yesterday in F2P, we were hoping they would at least fight back today in P2P. Unfortunately, instead of fighting back they simply just rolled over as we fucking slammed our dicks into them hard. After baiting them into a favourable position multiple times yet again, we obliterated them with ease ending each fight with 90+ on the cape counter. Since they knew the couldn't compete with us anymore they resorted to hiding from us and hitting other clans in multi/single. It didn't really save them as we just followed them around and forced them to do nothing. It has now been 3 weeks in this rivalry and they are already running out of ideas and options. It's clear now that Apex has just become a clan that bends over to us in fights, gets fucked hard and then returns to claim a fake win every single time. No matter what you do, you will never be able to compete with FOE. We will make sure to see you again next week to see what you come up with next 🙂 If you haven't learned already, no amount of fake victories and any propaganda card you pull will save you from this one. FOE remains on top for another month totaling at 5 consecutive. ~Heismberg ~Parviz ~Utc ~Schweden ~3Shrillrage To begin the day we set out ready to fight Apex. After walking around the wilderness, they finally got the courage to step into multi and so we were ready to fight. As we were near Boneyard, we heard they were logging into our world in multi so we rushed south west towards them and the 130v130 fight began. We wrapped around both to the west and the east and surrounded the entire clan. Within 30 seconds the fight was already over as we pushed them south towards ghost hut and ended up wiping them off the map completely with 100+ ending in game. After getting a full regroup, we set out again to fight Apex. This time they were scared to rush while we waited at gdz and instead they went to crash IR vs Supremacy. After 30 minutes of walking around doing nothing, we hit them in single a couple of times because they refused to fight us in multi. After clearing them in single multiple times and with a few members getting off due to sleep & work, we sat in multi waiting for them to rush us again. This time we were in a fall-in west of sperm and they were just west of the pond. When we got close they rushed us so we quickly spread and began wrapping around their clan again. Within 1 minute we overpowered them and pushed them west to CA. As they teleported out to claim they cleared us we had 100 in game at CA killing their stragglers. We followed them shortly and just laughed at their pathetic attempt to hype themselves up. With Apex refusing to fight us, we found them at 26 ports in single so we rushed in there and just bullied them in single until they had 10 in game. Another easy trip, gg FOE. Running the wild like a boss
  10. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Supremacy approached us for a rematch in the F2P server this week so we gladly accepted to defend the title as #1 F2P matched. Usually the preps vs them are very competitive and this prep definitely led up to expectations. After going through some extremely close rounds we clenched the victory. Very clutch performance from FOE today. #1. Thanks for the prep. Round 1: Victory Final Ownage Elite Starting/Ending: 40/15 Supremacy Starting/Ending: 40/0 Round 2: Defeat  Round 3: Victory Final Ownage Elite Starting/Ending: 40/6 Supremacy Starting/Ending: 40/0 ~Marko (with Danny Audio R3) ~Utc ~Giggs ~Stigi ~Ar u there
  11. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday, January 20th; Final Ownage Elite massed up 130 elites to show that we are the true Kings of P2P ready to face off against anything thrown at us. After last week's pathetic attempt by Apex to get into 1 item rag when they started losing, we made sure that we would wipe them out entirely within the first 15 minutes and fully clear them before they could even rag. Today we had four fights against Apex and we outsmarted and outperformed them in each of these fights, thus ending the day 4-0. With superior intel we simply outplayed Apex in the wilderness and forced them to get gwased time and time again. Today's trip was so fucking easy that it didn't even feel like they had 150 members at all. It's funny to see a once decent clan completely drop all their standards and decide to ruin the scene even more lmfao. No matter to us, we will continue to get stronger and just kill you. Ever with 2 clans having closed into Apex, they only managed to reach 150 people while we peaked at 130 and we weren't afraid to fight down numbers at all. I wonder how much longer this will last before they start losing momentum and drop pulls due to loss after loss they take. Just like yesterday these fake endings will not win you a prolonged rivalry vs the greatest pure clan on this game. You will never win a fight against us no matter what lmfao. 4-0 for the day, see you next Weekend. FOE is miles ahead of you. ~Heismberg ~Erik ~Utc ~Ryan To begin the trip we decided to see what Apex would do. They immediately spread at CA but we had other things in mind, so we decided to play a little game with them today. We moved around the wilderness with no fear as Apex followed us and thus we knew we had already won today. For the first fight we walked all the way to the south side of the gap and quickly spread when they were south of us. With clean movements we pushed south as our west side wrapped around and then moved back north to fully clear them off the map. At one point BP rushed from the south but it didn't bother us. We simply overpowered them and reduced them to 15 in game. When they were fully cleared we moved south and teleported out claiming the first victory of the day. 1-0 For the second fight of the day, we decided to step it up a notch and do something that no other clan would even dream of doing. We walked in a fall-in as close to them as possible, ready to spread and bait them into a favourable position for us. When they fell for it, we quickly spread and caught their entire clan in a gwas. At that point we knew the fight was done, even though it was 125v150. After clearing up the main clump, we had already taken the lead and with better returning and movements we reduced Apex to 10 in game. When it was done, we teleported out and claimed our second victory of the day. 2-0 After demoralising Apex, we set out again and guess what? We baited Apex again LOL. We walked from Sperm to FOG and then quickly double backed as they rushed through and caught their entire clan in a gwas again. While we had a few casualties early on as well, our members outreturned Apex quite easily and we ended with 100 in game to their 10 at fog. With another clean victory, we teleported out to get a full regroup. get fucking smoked retards. 3-0 For the final fight of the day, we spread east of fog as Apex rushed from the north. At this point we were up numbers, so they contacted IR to come aid them so they could maybe get a victory on us. This didn't work out. We legit slaughtered Apex before IR could even come and when they finally arrived we just turned and focused both clans. After clearing IR and forcing them to teleport out two times, we got word they wanted to wear Apex capes. We used this opportunity to clear up Apex from the fight and ended the fight victorious again. 4-0  easiest toxic staff pk in my life
  12. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord (125 peak) Saturday, January 19th; Final Ownage Elite massed up 125 elites to hand Apex one of the biggest L's in pure clanning history. With superior intel, we were informed that Apex were planning on bringing a mass amount of mains this Saturday after the last beatdown we gave them in F2P. However, we were prepared to return until the end no matter what we were facing. We walked up into the wild with no hesitation despite being down 20 teamspeak numbers and knowing they had 80+ mains on standby. It was truly amusing to watch a clan that just had 2 clans fully merge into them still struggle to log in 80+ mains / 15 level 3s and 130 of their own pures just to face the reality that they will not ever compete with FOE. Just remember Apex, these fake endings will not win you a prolonged rivalry vs the greatest pure clan on this game. Better start thinking of some new tactics cause this will not last. Today was another display of what it looks like when you attempt to step up to the kings. We don't fucking break. See you for P2P tomorrow. -Erik FOE Starting - 110 Apex Starting - 125 (+80 mains). We rushed Apex at 18 ports and even though they had the opt advantage, due to superior quality, we gained an advantage in terms of pures in game. They called to log in their mains but it didn't faze us. Although we had a huge advantage when it was pure vs pure, the cape counter remained pretty even for around the first 45 minutes of the fight. After taking a massive lead we began dropping their mains so they would have nothing to save them. After destroying their mains + pures, the remaining hour of the fight was an absolute slaughter in our favor. We knew the Apex members would eventually give up, logging off their pures leaving them with 20~ in game at multiple points in the fight. Since the refused to fight back for an hour straight, the fight was forced to end with us having 100+ in game as they ran towards sperm with only 10 mains and 7 pures in game. Keep running rats. (Start of fight where Apex logs in 40+ mains after we rush with 0 mains in game.) ^^ Did not end well for them ^^
  13. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord While we were all vibing, we were approached by Supremacy for a F2P wilderness PKRI. We happily accepted and on a 1 hour notice, we massed up 53 eagles ready for a clean 30 minute fight. The return fight began at corp hill and moved around to CA and back throughout the fight. Off the initial rush we went up opts and never really looked back. For the majority of the fight, we were up opts on our opponents and held our lead till the end of the fight at CA. Extremely solid performance today. Thanks for a good last minute fight Sup. ~Utc
  14. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord To kick off the first prep of the year, we rolled up with 60 eagles for our first F2P victory of 2019. With a clutch round 1, we stepped it up and took full control of the 2nd round where we won with ease. Somewhat sloppy performance from us today but seeing as it was our first prep in quite some time, we will take the win. Some things to work on but overall a good start to the new year. Thanks Sup for another competitive fight. Round 1: Victory Final Ownage Elite Starting/Ending: 40/15 Supremacy Starting/Ending: 40/0 Round 2: Victory Final Ownage Elite Starting/Ending: 40/24 Supremacy Starting/Ending: 40/0  Round 3: Defeat ~Utc