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  1. Rage is a low tier main clan, much like their allies over at Legacy HQ, SAD!
  2. After a measly 56 hours of nonstop aggression from FOE, we finalized the last of our victims (Rage) and claim another GDZ Belt. Further proving FOE as the MOST unbreakable pure clan.
  3. Correction; You guys couldn't compete on pures, so you decided to bring mains, realised you couldn't compete on mains either so now you're gonna act like victims, very expected from the biggest victim clan in the game!
  4. how every single rage member felt whilst they were listening to this in ts during mass
  5. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Tuesday, April 28th: Final Ownage Elite massed up 60+ Elites to fight Zenith. The first fight was north of lumberyard. We began fighting Zenith and were clearly smoking them. Then Rage crashed and we both smashed Rage until they left. The second fight was at CA. Rage logged in on top of us so we immediately began speccing them out. Rage soon tele'd away and then Zenith rushed. We fought Zenith until rage re-rushed and then Zenith left. We destroyed Rage for a few more minutes until they decided to leave. Foe was once again the last clan standing. Thanks to Zenith for the action! Also thank you to Rage for staying easy and suiciding to FOE. ~Isaak ~Brian
  6. lmfao nice losing topic, you bring 30+ vennies to every single fight yet every single battle ends in you teleporting out l00000000l
  7. lmfao your dogshit massrecruited members have 0 stamina, rage tears were flowing in the bottom of their ts, we're going to close your clan and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it
  8. Rage propaganda machine working overtime it seems! Not surprising when you have emo criers like Andre in the clan!
  9. lmfao Rage should be happy about this, they just got saved from an embarrassing loss to Apex later tonight!
  10. 2 losing topics in 1 day you niggas love losing huh L0000000000000000000L how do you pull 33 people to a prep LMFAO00O0O00O0O0O0000
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