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  1. i was warned by ranks in your clan that you guys would take it personal and be scum bags towards me if i left
  2. Think back to the message I sent Ham & co when I left Supremacy nobody on this planet believes supremacy isn't tilted over me leaving. and i don't even need to leak my dm's when i left for everyone to know it. the more you post on sharkbrew and flame me the worse it looks for your clan. from the moment i left supremacy you were given the option to just leave me alone and let me go my own way to play runescape with my friend quietly. cringey busted black eye wanting some more ex-girlfriend tier obsessed kid. you're used to shitting on people who leave your clan because you're a rat. supremacy has done it to quite a few other people before. good luck this time tho.
  3. you literally have nothing mustafa. even keyboard warrioring where you can take all the time in the world to "research" whatever you want about me your banter is weak and stale. no wonder you didn't mic up and speak to me live in front of people when you had the opportunity to today. what are you going to do next when your weak propaganda fails? i bet you'll shoot yourself in the foot and resort to scum bag tactics that make sup look even worse like doxxing eventually as if i care 🤓 awkward kid
  4. brief? i wasn't ever kicked if you think that. i left at one point after italo and i had a strong disagreement on some ancient history stuff from an old clan and i re joined after jap made me realize italo was right. blessed. sba? they booted me because i stopped going to their minis (sorry bros, its because i was going hard for these sup kids while helping io control get his team going) never left anything else
  5. apparently not a lot u've used your microphone like twice in two years. how are you so awkward that you have a microphone sitting in front of your face and you cant un mute? i bullied you off the microphone lmaooooooooooo
  6. honestly good memories though. northern are some bro's funny way i met them.
  7. mustafa still hasn't figured out that i fuck around and mess with people on runescape lmao
  8. the funniest part about the political pressure line in that clip is that like 3 weeks after it was made i had some other guy's team get absorbed into a revs clan and a lpc and lose its memberlist through discord dms like come on dude that shits stale as hell you have nothing to say back to me. you're weak and can't even mic up awkward mute kid.
  9. imagine being so weak the only kid who could speak up for your clan was fat kyle
  10. imagine being so weak you think its funny to bring 28 phoenix necklaces into a match against apex because you already know you're going to lose l0l
  11. imagine being so weak you couldnt even mic up and say shit to my face today
  12. oh also leading i never went mia for a week because you "bullied me" i went mia because i thought it was cringe as fuck and disrespectful that you guys were bringing troll gear against apex. a lot of my friends are in apex and they already have enough problems with clans avoiding them to be wasting their time with troll rounds. i have logs from back then when i told 3at why i was going mia, where 3at says he thinks its cringe that you guys both have egos when you dont win at clan wars. honestly woke.
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