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  1. my favorite part about this screenshot is how i only had to use one energy potion, three doses of str pot, and a teleport to perfect rage i bet a lot of sup inventories looked like this at the end. it really shows how one sided this was.
  2. i just call the whole new gate gdz glory hill area gdz, its a bad habit.
  3. you can't tele out from gdz, or outright tell your members to off because you're teaming. also your propaganda video shows a big 'ol jump cut and edits out the entire second half the fight where you got smoked. ur vid literally jump cuts to after we logged out. how does that prove anything lol.
  4. @Anthonyconfirmed Rage for main clan publicly on forums?
  5. lol did you really edit a screenshot from your main Brenda Farts to make it look like a leak screenie? that's amazing tactics. thanks for claiming ownership of this main, rage. almost as funny as watching that stores retard auto chatting flames still while his own clan was cleared to 15 or less at new gate in our vid
  6. doesnt matter cuz you lost the clean 1v1
  7. sweet post from a parallel timeline where rage didnt get slammed
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