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  1. Nice try You guys got bodied so bad you had to mass up to kill people doing bones 😂😂 You literally teled up after being cleared and ran in killing 1 person and started spamming 1v2 lmao Cringe
  2. Can't even do fake endings correctly lmao
  3. Amazing F2p trip? You guys paid for a Venny main team to hit Fi & Ub and spent most of the time getting bodied. Wasn't there for Sunday trip but I assume its much of the same and you're clutching straws.
  4. Thanks buddy! Almost as good as your 6 man pull we smashed yesterday, we waited for you to mass but nothing.... disappointing really. Thanks for advertising our trip this weekend too, hopefully we get some actual competition from it.
  5. Why you hiding the date and time? lmao Gz on massing 35 to hunt a small-man pk trip. Arent even open yet and youre rustled
  6. Zenith - https://discord.gg/qanHf2 Opening soon. Active TS and ingame
  7. Zentih - Opening soon. Open to everyone, lots of new people so you wouldnt be the only one Fatality are also a fun clan.
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