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Found 50 results

  1. Today we scheduled a big P2p mini vs Apex. Shoutout to them for the event. We did 3 sets in total of which we won two. Shout out to @Moonziefor tanking for ages in her first CWA event. Set 1 - Loss Set 2 - Win Tiebreaker - Win @Dizzy @`Joey
  2. Wednesday April 28th, 2021 | F2P Clan of the Month Prep vs. Rage After going nearly undefeated in F2P since the start of 2021, we knew what we've accomplished in just a year of opening (and even less time in LPC) has not been done before by any clan in any scene. Through the ups and downs of a first year clan, one thing has always been consistent- our pound-for-pound quality. At the end of the day when it's time to walk away, we want to be able to say that we built a community from scratch with the best members in the entire scene. After narrowly edging Rage in the last few preps, we know that one more win, especially one with weeks of preparation by both clans, will solidify us on the throne. We peaked at 45 very quality Wolves - eager to put our names in history. After a hard fought battle, we ended up winning both our attacking and defending rounds - and the Clan of the Month along with it. Thank you Rage for the good action as always, as we're both consistently the top clans every month in COTM. We look forward to defending our belt. ~ Terror's Directors ~ ♪ Pinoyz ♪ ♪ Koala ♪ ♪ Crown ♪ ♪ WK ♪ ♪ Vinny ♪
  3. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Tuesday, May 5th: Fatality massed up ready to take on Legacy in multiple ft50 rounds. After two close rounds, we took early momentum and took a fat lead round 3 and never looked back. Thanks for the prep lads. Fatality kills: 50 Legacy kills: 43 Fatality kills: 50 Legacy kills: 46 Fatality kills: 50 Legacy kills: 32 @Jon @Lee @Tiko
  4. Discord: QN29EBGA | 'Wolves Den' CC ♫ ♫ ♫ Thursday, April 15th 2021 Terror showed up with 36 Wolves for our scheduled F2P event vs Rage. After streaking in Knockout preps for the past few months, we wanted to show we still got it in First-To-50s. After winning R1 and dropping a close R2, we came in R3 with a winning mindset and came back late in the round to take the prep. When you put together the top two pound for pound clans in the pure scene - you're always going to get a competitive fight. Gf Rage! Round 1 (Win) Terror Kills: 50 Rage Kills: 40 Round 2 (Loss) Terror Kills: 45 Rage Kills: 50 Round 3 (Win) Terror Kills: 50 Rage Kills: 42
  5. Massed up 20 big dick gorillas for a fun F2P event vs Venom, Took the 3-0 GF VENOM
  6. Discord: TapTmzMN | 'Wolves Den' CC During the midst of our action-packed F2P ownage, the Terror Wolf Pack ran into some little victim noobs sitting at the bank in ferox. "Why won't you prep us", they squealed. We took them up on their offer, and regardless of having to sit 25 of our members, we accepted a 30v30 knockout prep and proceeded to get the challenge. They realized we were serious, and immediately 3at began squealing like a piggy at a BLM riot for his members to leave the portal and log out. Perfected. Round 1 (Win) Terror Starting: 30 noobs Starting: 30 Terror Ending: 30 noobs Ending: 0 Round 2 They logged.
  7. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Different day, different server, Sadly cringe clan Supremacy after being humiliated round 1 decided to try and cheese mother FI round 2 by instantly putting prayers up and rushing after they took 8 minutes to attack (after their ranks were saying they can only do 1 set because its late XD) fortunately they got slapped r3 for being disobedient, sucks they couldn't keep the cringe nh tactics in after they slapped in f2p 2 days ago. maybe next time, but probably not. Fatality vs Supremacy Fatality Starting: 20 Supremacy Starting: 20 Fatality Ending: 14 lose but win in our hearts Fatality Starting: 20 Supremacy Starting: 20 Fatality Ending: 11 Wishes: Jon: Gf nerd jeff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gsk1Z9vsa4Y
  8. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net On this Terrific Thursday Supremacy massed up 20 Tigers to take on Legacy in a F2P Prep. After a strong 1st round the Tigers were able to set the pace the for the rest of the rounds, walking away with the 3-0. Thank you for the clean action Legacy Round 1 Supremacy Starting : 20 Supremacy Ending Kills : 50-42 Round 2 Supremacy Starting : 20 Supremacy Ending Kills : 50-39 Round 3 Supremacy Starting : 20 Supremacy Ending Kills: 50-39 Pov: @Wessel
  9. We approached Sup, Apex, and Zenith to do something a little different today. We had set up a 2v2, with FOE and Sup teaming up against Apex and Zenith. There were TWO 10 minute rounds, both teams with nearly 70, and whoever having the most kills in the end being the victors. Foe and Sup took the first round ending with 137 kills to our opponents 110. The second round Foe and Sup ended with 138 kills to our opponents 129. A big Thank You to all the clans that participated in today's clean, pure event! ~Utc ~Teleporting ~Swip ~K2P
  10. Set up a big mini vs Venom. Pulled up with 18 gorillas and took the 2-1. Thanks for the action boys
  11. clan-rage.com | Discord: kKdeJhY | ts.clan-rage.com| ''Clan Rage'' cc Tonight Rage Massed 26 Bears for a P2P Big Mini Vs BP We were able to take the win! going 2-1 in sets - Thanks for the fights BP Thanks to the lads that showed up! Pm Broxx#0954 For Preps! 
  12. After taking our 3-0 against Fatality on Thursday evening we decided to screw around a bit in the white portal. We then were approached by a handful Rot/EZ applicants for a FT10.000 F2P mini inside the white portal. The fight attracted lots of interest as Rot and the alliance had well over 20/25 people that kept returning hard. With our impeccable scim pushes and good transitions we did manage to get the upper hand in the amount of opts in game. Despite being outnumbered at the start of this FT10.000 we have later gained more and more opts as the RoT alliance lost their opts. Ex SV member and current RoT intro Ralphie even brought 8 accounts running on a multibot script which was not enough to outlast the mighty bears. https://gyazo.com/6aca928ba97cc6085162d9dbbd301917 We even made RoT Gloriosa call it quits after being spawn killed. Not until long later we had moved northeast to the ruins/buildings to finish the remaining stragglers and awaited new potential victims. To no surprise, that was the end of it. We set the timer on 5 minutes and when no more alliance victims showed up we took the dub and did a nice little mini against zenith as a reward and won that too. Rage uncontested at ferox at a beautiful Friday. Cya tomorrow lads.
  13. Beat SUP in a respectable clean pures only 60v60 P2P battle 2-1 in sets then heard Terrorble were trying to do inners FOE decided to invite ourselves to the event because we do whatever the fuck we want (we had 3 spies in there) and we joined Team 1 Unfortunately @Lord Exwas leading Team 2, and unable to control his emotions once down in kills, mass kicked CC and left the event, furious that he was infiltrated once again! Here's his reaction! Very nh!
  14. berserk.ts3chat.com | https://discord.gg/hBjRgJFhwq | 'Berserk Pub' cc Berserk gathered 22 strong Samurai for our prep vs Power Hunters. The boys started of shaky with a close Round 1, however, we ended up taking 2 and 3 convincingly. Ty for fight! Round 1: Beserk Starting/Ending: 21/7 Round 2: Beserk Starting/Ending: 22/16 Round 3: Beserk Starting/Ending: 22/8 @Royce
  15. berserk.ts3chat.com | https://discord.gg/hBjRgJFhwq | 'Berserk Pub' cc After Berserk had already 4 events this week it was finally time to show our presence at PCL we massed up 22 Samurai's for PCL and fought every clan in the scene. We won a lot and sadly came a little short against Vision. We would love to see more clans fight than rather talk shit at PCL. @Treehugger28 @edgi
  16. berserk.ts3chat.com | https://discord.gg/hBjRgJFhwq | 'Berserk Pub' cc After setting up events or at least attempting to with the whole community for the week we approached Atlas with the idea of a Prep, they quickly accepted! Shoutout to Atlas & all the other clans who accepted events this week and keeping out community clean! Round 1 [ PKRI ] Start: 18 End: 15 Round 2 [ PKRI ] Start: 18 End: 9 Round 3 [ FT25 ] Score: 25-20 Berserk Edgi: Matio: Royce:
  17. Vision massed up 32 big green goblins for our scheduled f2p prep vs. Berserk. Came out with the 3-0 victory Thanks for the prep Berserk, looking forward to more! @Pinoyzpov @Crownpov @Mallupov https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32-NhlSkwRs pm MacGruber#6571 to join today
  18. berserk.ts3chat.com | https://discord.gg/hBjRgJFhwq | 'Berserk Pub' ccberserk.ts3chat.com | https://discord.gg/hBjRgJFhwq | 'Berserk Pub' cc Berserk massed up 20 strong samurai for our F2P Prep vs Demo! Rounds were fucking hectic Round1: 50-46 WIN Round 2 49-50 Loss Round 3 50-49 WIN @Salso @Treehugger28 @wessel
  19. We approached Sheikhs for a F2P 30 vs. 30 capped fight on maxed mains a day prior, they accepted. We peaked at 30 for this event. We had 3 rounds of first to 25 kills and the 4th round being knock out. We came out victorious with the 4-0. Thank you to Sheikhs for the action. Round 1 (First to 25 Kills) Legacy Ending Kills : 25 Sheikhs Ending Kills : 14 Round 2 (First to 25 Kills) : Legacy Ending Kills : 25 Sheikhs Ending Kills : 12 Round 3 (First to 25 Kills) : Legacy Ending Kills : 25 Sheikhs Ending Kills : 15 Round 4 (Matched Knockout) : Legacy Starting : 25 Legacy Ending : 16
  20. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Wednesday, November 25th, 2020; Fatality massed up 45 Pure Elites to take on Apex in the most anticipated prep in the last 3 years. Both clans have had three weeks in order to prepare for a fight that would deem the winner as #1 P2P. After running multiple scenarios in my mind, there was no way possible for Apex to make any of the rounds close, rather than play the rounds and follow the rules to their own delcaration they flat out refused to abide by anything. Rules: Fatality Starting: 43 - Apex Starting: 50 Fatality Ending: They rule broke in their own declaration LOL Your clan has nothing left, know your place.
  21. | Tonight, for the most anticipated prep of the year, we massed up a fearsome 80+ Sharks. Even though they agreed to a 50v50 Minimum P2P Prep, they somehow only managed to pull 45. The rules were clear as day, and even Fatality's own leader Brazil stated "I ain't sitting below 50" and "@RNG you hear me fucker im not sitting below 50". Fatality has 70+ "P2P Verified" members, but fragile Fatality Warlord @Danny Phantom chose to sit his clan down to 43, making the one and only round of the prep an extremely easy 50v43. I wish he had enough faith in his members to let them prep, and I'm sure his members do to. Round 1 - WIN Apex Starting: 50 Fatality Starting: 43 Apex Ending: 50 Fatality Ending: 0 Round 2 - WIN BY DEFAULT Round 1 FT50 - WIN BY DEFAULT
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