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  1. Discord: Y2YPC8 | 'Wolves Den' Cc After soupremacy cancelled their Saturday trip last weekend and went out unofficially with 27 tiger cubs last Sunday, we were hoping they would at least attempt to fight us on this glorious Sunday. We set out with 40 shooters, peaking at ~45 Wolves as we know soup was looking for revenge after we cleared their 25 mains in singles in F2p. After bullying them for an hour, we got plenty of other clean action vs other clans, making our trip one of the most action-packed in the entire community. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Terror vs soup We patiently waited for the cubs to come fight us, but instead they would rather sit in singles and spam at bank rather than to give their members action. Not trying to waste our own time, we rushed their home base (west of multi lines by ruins) and decisively out-bridded their members. Their ranks had enough of watching their members die in singles and finally gathered the courage to pull their clan east into multi. We quickly banked our brid gear and focused them east catching them in huge clumps before a couple other clans bailed them out and crashed the fight. This was the last time they agreed to fighting us 1 on 1 cleanly (for good reason!). ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Terror vs Apex / soup Trying to learn from their mistakes, soup set up a team on crash fight to avoid fighting us 1 on 1. Their tactic didn't work as we logged in east of bandits, causing them to insta-tele while we shifted our focus over to Apex. Wrapping Apex from the north, we were up big and got quick kills with only 3 gold capes remain on cape counter. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Terror vs Venom / SF Hearing about a fight north of rev caves, we quickly tele'd up excited for some deep wildy action. We caught both Venom and SF in big clumps and cleared up the fight unscathed. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Terror vs soup / Rage This lead to gold cape clan trying to catch us off-guard and single-to multi us. It appeared that not too many of their members had the multi lines downloaded as they got gwas'd directly north of singles by rev cave and had a member lose his staff . As they pleaded for their members to go back south into singles for a regroup, Rage rushed us from the east creating some good clean 1v1 action for a few minutes. We eventually dipped and got a full bank after fighting a few clans in the same inventory. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Terror vs Apex / soup Gold cape clan attempts to hide from us again by setting up a team-on-crash fight and furthermore had an anti-crash unit on deck. The first time we hit east of bandits, we quickly cleared up any gold capes and made the rest hide south of Apex or at bank. After there were just 2 pisser capes left on the map, we quickly dipped as the AC started to arrive. We did this for a couple more times, making soup teleport each and every time before resuming their fight. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Terror vs Special Forces The last fight of the day started with us logging into SF north of rev caves. Getting a quick full clear on them initially, we were ready to call our trip but saw them returning one by one. This eventually turned into an 70 minute return fight in which we held the number advantage for 95% of the fight. Was really clean pure vs pure action for the most part, and smited a couple +1's as well. Towards the end, a few mains here and there decided to show up so we made one final push on SF into singles and ended on a high note with a decisive victory. Good fight SF and we appreciate the clean 1 vs 1 that another clan was too afraid to give us. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Media ✯ CROWN ✯ PM 'Lord Ex#4485' or 'Elmo#3249' if you would like to set up an event with Terror! ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
  2. Website ~ Teamspeak ~ Discord Venom massed up 36 glorious men for our first P2P PK trip, we maintained full opts throughout the trip and ended with 30. We started of the trip by hitting a cluster at chaos temple, as we rushed in we caught them into massive clumps. Mains decided to crash from the east which forced us to tele out. Was a good warm up. Since no one was responding for a fight we decided to sit in multi waiting for a clan to rush us. Despite being down 15 on Onslaught we gave them the world and action began. We started to catch huge clumps right of the bat to the north, we was holding it down until Foe crashed which forced us all to tele out. Gf Onslaught/Foe Sf decided to call us out to a GDZ fight, we gracefully accepted and the slaughter began. At all times Venom was consistently up to the point where we farmed them so much we had no food and they thought they was winning. They run to singles like the dogs they are was good fun. @malo
  3. Website ~ Teamspeak ~ Discord Venom massed up 38 glorious men for our first P2P PK trip, we maintained full opts throughout the trip and ended with 33 in a long return fight vs SF. We started of the trip by defended east of bandits for our planned PKRI vs terror, as they rushed in we dropped around 8 people as we caught them into massive clumps. SF decided to crash from single which forced terror to tele out, we then continued to hit SF. We managed to sweep them up pretty quickly before they decided to run back to single and tele out. We tele'd out and banked our loots. We defended by chaos temple waiting for Terror to hit us, mains rushed from the east while they rushed west. We caught them into massive clumps and within 2 minutes SF joined the party, we switched our focus onto them since terror left the battlefield. Fighting on low supplies we held our ground until more clans rushed in, we tele'd away and banked our loots. We also hit a few clusters hitting clans down 15-20 for the lols and managed to catch bp/z in a huge clump, was good fun. Since most clans was taking long to respond SF reached out for a return fight at gdz, we gladly accepted and brought on the challenge. For the duration of this battle we was consistently up on the cape counter at all times forcing them to hide inside the hut. After a while they ran out of returns since mains and a bunch of them started to 1item, we left up 20 on cape counter, walked past gap and tele'd away. Thanks for the fight SF. @muaythai god
  4. Website ~ Teamspeak ~ Discord Venom massed up 25 glorious men for our P2P PK trip, we maintained full opts throughout the trip and ended with 27. Despite a low pull due to Halloween, we had good action and a lot of fun. We started of the trip by rushing hydra down 9 at bandits, as we rushed in we dropped numerous bodies right of the bat as we caught them into massive clumps. Evidently down opts the fight became matched opts right before zenith decided to crash. We tele'd to edgeville and restocked for the next battle. Thanks for the fight Hydra We rushed hydra at boneyard down opts and instantly took control of the fight, after a few minutes of battling SF decided to join the party. This then became a cluster for all clans to rush. We tele'd to edgeville and banked our loots. We got word Supremacy and Rage was battling it out at bandits, we logged in north of bandits and focused who was on top of us. Catching numerous clumps, Supremacy decided to tele out/run to singles while we battled out rage. We was heavily out numbered and decided to tele away and regroup. Thanks for the fight men We got word Hydra was battling out at boneyard, we rushed the fight and focused everyone. After a few minutes rage entered the battle, we held it down for a few minutes but we was heavily out numbered. We tele'd away and called a regroup. Was actually fun from our part, ty for the battle. We got word a few clans was battling out around falador, we decided to pull up and hit everyone we could. We controlled the fight for a while until further clans rushed the fight. we decided to tele away and bank our loots. Thanks for the fight guys. @muaythai god Uploading..
  5. Discord: eNQxVu | 'Wolves Den' CC Teamspeak: TS.Terror-rs.com On Sunday, October 25th the wolfpack marched into the wilderness with ~42 Wolves later peaking at ~48 For the first 30-45 minutes we attempted to kickstart the action w/ multiple 1v1's vs Venom. Unforunately most of the fights were crashed within seconds leading us to play alittle more passively. We did manage to to sneakily grab a few +1s off Venom before clans crashed. Adjusting to this passive strategy we caught members of almost every clan lacking at boneyard and managed to catch massive clumps from single to multi. Eventually SF made their way into the wilderness and we got word they were lurking around GDZ. We swiftly banked the free loot we acquired at boneyard and made our way up to GDZ. We found SF with their pants down just west of GDZ. Realizing our opt advantaged we quickly made the call of singles & specs and in what seemed like seconds SF was fully cleared. Thanks for the action down opts. After banking our lootations from SF. A little birdy told us Venom was also lurking around GDZ along with BP & OG. We quickly made our way back up to GDZ where we found Venom at GDZ solo (big dick energy for a first trip btw) and began fighting just north east of GDZ. The fight ensued for about 1 minute before we noticed OG on the map southeast. We quickly moved West of GDZ and found Venom made a move southwest of the GDZ hut allowing us to push them to gap for a full clear. Shortly after that ngl OG/BP rushed with full opts and we got bodyslammed. Thanks for the action. For the rest of the trip most of the action was spec/telesque. Anyhow thank you to all clans involved and looking forward to more action next week! ~Crown POV ~PKR 4 SH0 POV Interested in joining the wolfpack? PM Lord Ex#4485 on discord
  6. The boys in team-9 decided to do some late night deep wildy pking, starting with 8 and later peaking at 20. There isn't much to say other than the fact that we smoked every clan we ran into, had a good run in with other known lpcs such as legacy, and walked away with absolute bank loot. We'd love to see other clans be more active in the wilderness... Another easy and clean trip for Rage.
  7. Discord: eNQxVu | 'Wolves Den' CC 6 Months ago a group of old friends came together during the midst of a pandemic to take advantage of the time COVID-19 offered us. 6 Months and a complete scene change later we still find ourselves defying all expectations. We never knew when we set out in the xLPC scene we would amass a core built to compete in the LPC scene. But that's exactly what we did. In the last month we've worked hard on our combat levels, viciously sought out new blood and seen a lot of old faces come back to support the wolfpack. That's what made this trip so special. it was a well deserved action-packed trip and it is exactly what you should expect from us in the future. Today the wolfpack setout with ~42 Wolves later peaking at ~46. For most of the day we setup fights w/ OG/SF w/ SUP refusing to accept any 1v1 and instead opting to snipe from singles as they were still demoralized from getting manhandled in F2P. Knowing SUP has extremely low stamina and would probably end less than an hr in we knew we would be due for some clean action soon enough. 45 Mins passed (they didn't make it to the hour mark) and Supremacy ended (lol) allowing us to participate in a massive cluster in Falador. We saw ourselves getting a piece of almost every clan still out but eventually dipped once Fatality arrived on the scene to clean everything up. Thank you all for the action! See you guys next weekend. PKR 4 Sh0 Interested in joining the wolfpack? PM Lord Ex#4485 on discord
  8. Discord: eNQxVu | 'Wolves Den' CC 6 Months ago a group of old friends came together during the midst of a pandemic to take advantage of the time COVID-19 offered us. 6 Months and a complete scene change later we still find ourselves defying all expectations. We never knew when we set out in the xLPC scene we would amass a core built to compete in the LPC scene. But that's exactly what we did. In the last month we've worked hard on our combat levels, viciously sought out new blood and seen a lot of old faces come back to support the wolfpack. That's what made this trip so special. it was a well deserved action-packed trip and it is exactly what you should expect from us in the future. For most of the day we found ourselves tussling with Supremacy at various locations around the wildy including bandit camp & barbarian village. In every fight we found ourselves rushing down opts but swiftly narrowing that gap and ending up prior to clans crashing. Unfortunately as the trip wore on and the losses mounted up for Supremacy we began seeing a several mains in their cape. Unlucky for them it didn't help as we continue to throw our weight around w/ ease leading Supremacy to eventually call it quits and end their trip. Post Supremacy ending we engaged in a few clusters around barbarian village where fought the likes of Rage,LY and Fo. Thanks for all the action today men and we'll see you all in P2P tomorrow. ~Pinoyz ~Nolan ~PKR 4 SH0 Interested in joining the wolfpack? PM Lord Ex#4485 on discord
  9. clan-rage.com | Discord: nPj8YU | ts.clan-rage.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc Rage massed up 60 Bears, later peaking at a solid 65 for our F2P Saturday trip. After a week of winning preps, we set out today expecting a showing of ROT and other bozo clans. What we didn't expect was having a repeat of our marathon vs Fo, making them run for miles again, but this time around barbarian village instead of CA. Our trip consisted of hitting fights at bandits, smoking ROT's meds near boneyard, clusters at 18 ports and completely decimating Fo at barb to the point where they had only 30 ingame.  More pictures below in the spoiler!
  10. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Saturday, October 17th: Final Ownage Elite massed up 61 Elites for our scheduled F2P Trip. With multiple clans pulling similar opts we were eager to get a fight. The trip started with a quick fight vs Legacy down 15 at Bandits. After holding our ground for a few minutes and bringing it close (only down 5) it was crashed by Rage, Fatality and mains. We grabbed a quick regroup and approached Legacy for another fight. Knowing we were down opts we knew we had to perform. The fight went on for close to 15 minutes starting from CA and branching Southwest against the lava. Focusing there members who consistently over pushed on their scim pushes allowed us to get easy bangs and stay in the fight. Eventually, it was hit by other clans and turned into a cluster. The trip concluded with Final Ownage Elite taking Rage on a trip down memory lane. After completing decimating their clan months back we knew they didn't have what it takes to 1v1 us. It was evident after several minutes of complete domination that they were demoralized which resulted in them only having 30 in game. After they couldn't get a grip on the fast lead Foe had they called off returns and ended their trip. Know your fucking place Rage. ~swip ~erik ~kaz ~jkh ~pete
  11. Website ~ Teamspeak ~ Discord Venom massed up 21 shooters at short notice after getting word a few clans were out in the revenant caves. We fortunately ran into a Jumpstreet and had a 1v2 vs Tormented Pures & Fatality. Appreciate the fun action, look forward for more battles in the caves. @muaythai god
  12. Website ~ Teamspeak ~ Discord Venom massed up 17 shooters after getting word a few clans were out in the revenant caves. We fortunately ran into a swarm, zenith & jumpstreet upon log in a few times and cleared them with ease. Appreciate the fun action, look forward for more battles in the caves. @muaythai god
  13. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord At approximately 1:00 am, 22 good looking kids set out for an adventure to dismantle the scene of Revenant caves! With our charmingly aesthetic 6'3 tanned summer beach-goers, we managed to make over 150m+ and smite a KODAI WAND! It seemed we ran into APEX and absolutely decimated them... A few APEX ranks (RNG + Rancher Nox) were last seen vsing our most elite pkers... Take a look below for last seen footage of RNG + Rancher Nox... (UNFORTUNATE) KODAI SMITE! (85M LOOT) S/O TO GOOD LOOKING MEMBER @Illegal KO ! (10M LOOT) S/O TO GOOD LOOKING MEMBER @PWNUNY0MAMA ! (-700M LOOT) S/O TO GOOD LOOKING MEMBER @Nubbybread FOR DONATING COUNTLESS SETS TO THE VENEZUELA COMMUNITY! JUST JOKING.. (+5M LOOT) FOR @Nubbybread (+1.5m) S/O TO GOOD LOOKING MEMBER @Safe FOR CAUSING ENDLESS CHAOS WITH HIS FLOW OF ARABIC MUSIC AND AMAZING DANCE MOVES SAFE AFTER MAKING AN ASTOUNDING AMOUNT OF MONEY... IT SEEMS SAFE WAS CELEBRATING AND LAST SCENE AT EDGEVILLE BANK BELOW...!
  14. Discord: Y2YPC8 | 'Wolves Den' Cc After a successful opening F2p trip, we massed up and peaked at ~41 Wolves for our first official P2p Sunday. We got a lot better action than expected, as we were consistently in multi fighting throughout the entire length of the trip. During the hour and a half, we were able to get some action against just about every clan in the community. Thank you everyone for the clean action. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Terror vs Onslaught On our first fight of the afternoon, we set up a fight vs OG as we defended east of bandits. As they rushed, we caught some big clumps right off the bat and continuously hit them before getting crashed us from our east side. Solid way to start off the trip and get our fingers warm. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Terror vs Special Forces / Onslaught The next hit, we paid a visit to SF as they were teleporting into bandits. We gwas'd them for a bit before getting rushed by OG from the west. Pulling north to avoid the 1 v 2, this became a good cluster, as we switched off between both clans and came out on top before a couple more clans crashed the fight. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Terror vs Legacy / Apex / Blunt Purez / Onslaught Hearing about a cluster at boneyard, we quickly made our up there and attacked anything we saw. We first hit LY, then BP and Apex before FI came in. We tele'd out satisfied with the damage we've done in a short span of time. We then rushed OG southeast of Corp hill and got some good piles off the start. After going up a decent amount on the cape counter, the fight was hit by the likes of BP, LY, and SF. We held our ground momentarily, but then decided to dip and get ready for our next hit. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Terror vs Supremacy / Special Forces Rushing the end of a Supremacy fight just north of ghost hut, we quickly cleared them off the map before SF came and focused us. Always on our toes, we were ready and struck them south and got some very quick kills. They decided to leave after a couple clans crashed, so we took the victory and did the same. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Terror vs Apex / Final Ownage Elite Logging in east of CA trees, we started off by hitting Apex before Foe quickly rushed us from the north side. We exchanged kills with both clans before dipping to avoid the sandwich. We got back up there and got some good kills on a variety of clans before getting ready for our last hit of the day. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Terror vs Special Forces / Onslaught The last fight of the day started with us logging into SF and OG east of bandits. Catching SF off-guard, we cleared them up and then made our way over to OG. After we went up by some opts, SF teleported back in after a regroup to ignite a brief cluster before Zenith hit the fight. We got out of there ending the trip on a high note. Once again, huge shoutout to all the clans involved for this action-packed Sunday. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Videos ✯ WHIP ✯ ✯ DREAMZ ✯ PM 'Lord Ex#4485' or 'Elmo Tickles#4325' if you would like to set up an event with Terror! ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
  15. Discord: Y2YPC8 | 'Wolves Den' Cc After 5 months of dominating the xLPC scene, we decided that it was time to step up to the big leagues. A few weeks into doing unofficial events, we thought it was time for our first official F2p Saturday. On our opening trip we peaked at ~50 Wolves , ready for whatever action that comes our way. Overall, really proud of our guys for putting in the work in training their accounts from level 60s in such a short span of time. This marks the first of many official trips for the Wolves, and we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow in P2p. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Terror vs Rage & Apex We started off the day hitting the first fight that occurred in multi. We found Rage and Apex exchanging blows around CA, with both of them pulling south when we initially rushed. We picked off the stragglers from each clan until we eventually made our way down to just north of ditch. All 3 clans exchanged kills as we attacked whoever we could at low level wildy. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Terror vs Apex Feigning for some better action, we decided to pull it north of fog and Apex pursued with mostly pures. We quickly dropped their numbers and reduced them to just 16 pures in-game as we pushed them towards CA. They were able to get some quick returns and bring it back momentarily as we continued the fight North of CA. After we went up by some opts, Apex pulled north for a bit to catch a quick regroup and re-rushed us east of CA trees. We quickly went up by 20 in-game and pushed them west and dipped when a bunch of mains appeared. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Terror vs Apex ft. Rage & Mains We found Apex on top of 18 ports and rushed them 47 v 41 . We quickly dropped 6-7 of them while maintaining 45+ the entire time before a plethora of mains rushed us at corp hill. Pulling the fight south, Rage rushed as well and we all tussled east of watchtower briefly until we decided to call it and successfully concluded our first official trip. Thanks for the fights Apex and Rage. Videos ✯ PINOYZ ✯ ✯ VINNY ✯ (first fight POV) PM 'Lord Ex#4485' or 'Elmo Tickles#4325' if you would like to set up an event with Terror! ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
  16. NaN got word that Zenith nonces would be attempting to pk in the wilderness. Shortly after, NaN also got notified that Apex would be hosting a main weekend trip. Knowing that Apex mains would not last long, NaN quickly disposed of them and ended their trip with ease. After ending Apex's main trip and seeing them hide at ditch, NaN decided to target Zenith nonces.
  17. Who? CD vs FI What? F2P Fullout When? 19 Sept. 2020 02:00 PM, EST Where? CA/Corp/GDZ. You pick location Why? You’re all idiots and god hates you especially @Tyendinaga This is a non negotiable offer, I have given you the 5 W’s.
  18. Massed up 43 for our official P2P Sunday Had some great fights against BP/OG Loot: Clan Chat: SF RS Uniform: Team 10 and pink hat Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-B3DW0eVo7lH15No4B4Gqw Intrested in joining? We do not allow sharkbrew recruits, only fresh blood.
  19. │ September 12th, 2020: Apex massed up 40 Buff Sharks for another action packed Saturday PK trip. We decided to start off our trip with a PKRI vs Supremacy. The fight started with almost even opts. However, after a short period of time, we were able to take a decisive lead. As swords were clashing and arrows were flying, we got word that Fatality was sending a horde of mains to crash. Reacting quickly, we positioned ourselves to intercept the Fatality 20 mains. Caught off guard by our superior chess moves, the Fatality main unit got outmaneuvered and outsmarted. A complete slaughter then proceeded the next few minutes. 20 Fatality victims dived in and 20 Fatality victims died. Very unfortunate! To return the favor, we crashed Fatality fight vs Zenith at CA. Over the course of 1 hour, we farmed over 1000 Fatality/Rage victims. I would say it was hard to be humble but it wasn't. It was very easy. As things started calming down at Chaos Altar, we had an untouched fight with Supremacy. Again, we were able to take a pretty dominant lead throughout the fight. Supremacy did well returning and put up a good fight! After this fight was over, we decided to visit the alliance of Fatality/Rage as they were 1v2ing Zenith at 26 Hill. In the matter of 10 minutes, Apex got over 100 victim kills. I really dont know what they were doing. Their cape counter dropped to 20. And then to 0 on 26 Hill. And with that Apex walked away with their victory.
  20. Hello pure world I’m here on behalf of your favorite legacy clan; fatality. their ranks forgot their aftermath, most of you know what happened so I’ll keep it short. fatality massed up 100 gamers after a rough Saturday trip in hopes to make up for the embarrassing F2p trip. although it took Fi an extra 30 mins to mass they were able to finally step into the wilderness. The beginning of the trip was not looking so bright for the green clan getting fully cleared multiple times by a big mountain clan. The trip started to look bright after foe ly and rage ended and decided to put on fi capes to help their favorite legacy clan. the remaining 6 hours fatality directed the pure community to teleport into certain death until the mountain drained every return set the legacy clan could afford. @Tyendinagathis topic was on the house, next week it’s gonna cost ya bucko.
  21. Imagine losing a return fight then going back to the fight location to take a picture and the only capes on the ground are your own LMFAO Esp when the fight looked like this how do you coordinate with 3 clans and still lose so badly? and spamming "most independent clan" when the minimap looks like that LMFAO
  22. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Another authoritative P2P Sunday for Legacy as we mobilized 85+ Spartans for todays ruthless ravage. Acquired the most action as usual starting almost every fight that occured in todays trip getting clean pure v pure skirmishes & clusters entrie trip managing to get muliple prodigious gwasses too as our 'rivals' lobbied whole trip getting extensively camped by mains and whenever we stumbled into them it was an unambigous effort as they'd get rolled over like men vs boys. Most action as usual good effort everyone involved in the clean fights gf warriors. https://i.gyazo.com/5041f0067ba53c72261d0d3e5c58e02e.mp4 https://i.gyazo.com/f89ae39974a93ec50315bbbc4c5c079b.mp4 Fenrieth Paige
  23. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Pure Clan Zenith Members for the past 4 weeks have felt disappointed, Disappointed that our previous rivals Legashit couldn't muster up anything to fight back against us for months. Fast forward to the beginning of the Final Ownage Elite's Rivalry, Zenith figured a 15 Year Legacy clan would supply good clean competition. The exact opposite is reality however, Legacy & Final Ownage Elites have held hands the past midweeks & weekends consistently for more than 2 weeks now. We have risen to the occasion and overcome every obstacle in our way, Dominating both clans for the previous month forcing FOE's Leadership to crumble further. Today, For the second consecutive weekend we massed up as the Number One Pure Clan in oldschool runescape. We massed up 90 Member's and peaked at over 95 Zenith Reapers for our First F2P Trip of September. We approached Rage for a fight and rushed them at corp. We started pushing rage north and eventually west, We continued to apply the pressure and started pushing them to boneyard. Once at boneyard we heard Fatality was coming late to crash. We positioned north of Rage and once FI came followed Rage into singles and thanked them for the fight. We heard Legashit was fighting Apex at bandits, We quickly came from the south and ran past Apex and started bashing in the heads of LY members. Supremacy with 15ish uncapped were scattered around so we hit them as well. We heard Rage was logging in northwest so we quickly got on top of them and started pushing them south. We caught amazing binds and continued to push rage south and then finally west all the way into singles. Fatality rushed us while we were defending Chaos Altar. Anyone who knows Zenith knows we will never lose a fight at CA. We instantly got aggressive on Fatality and within minutes were completing laps in the Fatality Daytona 500. We chased them all around CA and surrounding areas, We caught binds and snares on everything in a green cape and eventually pushed them to CA and finally west into Ferrox. Supremacy & Apex eventually started fighting and We fully cleared Fatality up in game and walked to Ferrox. Fatality logged in on us at corp hill with even opts, We instantly dropped scims and started taking advantage in game. We started pushing them to CA and than east to ghost hut, Than to sperm, Than Fatality had a mass return group at GDZ. We started fighting back after they got a full regroup after only having 20 in game. We started pulling south and Fatality ran northeast into singles. Once in singles they decided to log while Rage rushed us. We turned around on Rage and pushed them far west. We caught a fall in and congratulated FI on #2. We heard Rage was logging in north of us, So we waited for them south and turned around at CA and started fighting back. Legashit rushed us and we instantly turned around on them and pushed them into singles. Once LY was gone we turned around on Rage and pushed them to corp hill. Once on corp hill we started cycling back and forth and started clearing them up. Final Ownage Elites logged in north and we turned around on them and quickly sent them into singles. We pushed back on Rage and cleared them up west, Once they were cleared up we followed them to Ferrox and ended our trip.
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