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Found 9 results

  1. lnfamous Jet

    friendly What it takes to be #1

    Fighting down 24 and not losing more than 3... Giving #1 Matched xlpc a run for their money... Closing 2 Beta xlpcs in under 2 weeks after their 2019 "Opener" Being longest lasted snipe team since 2012... Grats FH

    lpc Hydra - #1 Pure Clan

    Hydra is an active clan and a supportive community with members and ranks you can depend on. Unlike other clans we're completely non-toxic so you can focus on pking instead of wasting energy dealing with toxic people. It's a noticeable difference. Join Hydra Pking everyday Weekly clan events and wars! Pkers of all experience levels welcome, but skilled pkers preferred. Requirements: 65+ cmb 1-20 def 50+ att 70+ str/rng 85+ mage Cc is cc_Hydra Website Discord Leader: Trikb0w High Council: Alpha Q Hard Officers: Toni, Skru, VotxKrom Council: The One Pure Warlord: VotxKrom
  3. Today was the official "Clash of The Wizards" fun 2vs2 event. As planned the event was extremely successful. Among the present were the following clans: {OVERDOSE+NOXIOUS vs IMMORTAL+ANONYMOUS} Shouts out to all the clan leaders/ranks who helped make this event happen. Also a special shout out to @DilL& @puppyslushfor helping out behind the scenes. This event was made to enforce a more "fun-side" to clanning. In no way does the outcome of the prep reflect the skill of any of the clans. We hope to have more events like this in the future. Thank you to every clan that participated. RESULTS: ROUND 1: OD/NOXI 1 - 0 IMT/AC ROUND 2: OD/NOXI 2 - 0 IMT/AC ROUND 3: OD/NOXI 3 - 0 IMT/AC
  4. 🔥 50s bracket Ambush vs 3 Hit f2p mini 🔥 No Round 3
  5. smokepurpp

    friendly RAMPAGE VS FH 2-0 [Sets]

    After our PK Trip, the homies over at FH HQ approached us for a Mini. TY FH for a fun ass mini! Looking forward to more Minis in the future. VIDEOS: KOLD POV: JAY POV: To those who are looking to join the #1 Matched XLPC JOIN RAMAPAGE TODAY!! CC: [RP GANG] TS: RPGANG.TEAMSPEAK3.COM DISCORD: https://discord.gg/vW3fRG 50-65 CB
  6. My team and i did an ancient mace session yesterday, this took us approx 3 - 4 hours items we smited: blowpipe: 5x dragon crossbow: 2x dragon claws 1x armadyl godsword 1x bandos godsword 2x zamorak godsword 1x toxic trident 2x ballista 5x dark bow x3 total loot approx 150m +