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Found 40 results

  1. Pked in wilderness for an hour ish then clans came out with higher opts so decided to ask Outbreak for CWA action; in which they accepted Outbreak thought they could underestimate us because of the short amount of time we have been around but soon figured out what we are about. Veni,Vidi,Vici

    friendly onslaught vs plague 2-0

    before our prep vs apex that we lost 3-0 in gf apex ty for action we had a warm up fight vs plague and we won comfortably on both rounds gf plague ty 4 action!
  3. lnfamous Jet

    friendly Fudog for Warlord Petition

    Improving at this shitty pixel game every time i get online catch my tanks in the pkri rounds...
  4. Fearless hands down - non bias... @fudog pov Fudog Pov Quote Edit
  5. Always good action when the boys at CD and Apex Hqs setting up dope F2p events with us. Respect to the soldiers from both sides for showing up. Fudog POV
  6. smokepurpp

    friendly [2-1] FOE VS FI P2P MINI 12v12

    Posted Tuesday at 06:49 PM Forums | Teamspeak | Discord
  7. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord
  8. lnfamous Jet

    friendly Welcome back Foe!

    S/o to the nigs at foe hqs for returning to the pure scene! got intel they were in revs from my 2 leaks - had to rollem cuh join fs at clan-fs.org
  9. Dkj

    friendly F2P | Sunday

    Discord:https://discord.gg/xtuvafF Forums:https://supremes-rs.com/ Clanchat:The Supremes Message had arrived us that Brazils would need a little assistment on their Pkri tonight, we gladly accepted so we could get the f2p rust off, Rot being comfortable with us showing up, we peaked at 24 making us end with like 27, had some great clashes, thanks to Brazils and Rot. SURELY AGAIN BUT NEXT TIME SAME PREP TIME FOR EVERYBODY?! 😛 c0b645ff7a9c85bfc1835048d0645d69.mp4 4ab0b968ffc24063568ffda9dff42fe2.mp4 a72d27bec455cd3531c925313fcacf6f.mp4
  10. MAGICfrmda6

    friendly Team Zoom Vs ATL [3-0] F2P Mini

    Thanks for Mini ! Shy King POV
  11. GF Fellas, Thanks for Mini ! @SupersSmokePov
  12. Massed up 9 Lebron Jrs to take on Team Zen GF Lads, Thanks for the Mini ! Super Smoke POV Kold POV
  13. MAGICfrmda6

    friendly Team Zoom Vs FH [3-0] F2P Mini

    Team Zoom Back In Its Natural Habitat Thanks for Action ! Kold Pov