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Found 548 results

  1. Today on a Lovely Sunday Afternoon we massed up 70 Long Dick Pandas later peaking at 85. To show outburst panthers who's daddy. Btw Was Ez LMAO. @Nightmare Hq how you lose with invites? Shoutouts : CD - Chalu sucking u right? Sup - Get smoked in Lpc then xLPC ... Feels bad lmao. Outburst v2 or Nightmare same thing same shit rank team. l0l Fight 1: Intel told us Nm/Ob were sitting at p13s doing propaganda spams , rushed with our runite scimitars nm starts logging in on tanks , no tanks no problem was ez . @chalu Keep Paying clans to help you l0l. Fight 2: Intel told us Nm/Ob were at p13s once again 5 steps east of singles waiting for their tanks to log in lmao.. We rushed with our scims was ez clear they logged out. Fight 3:Fight was at CA while Blktiger was poking their members to get on their tanks lmao. Tanks wont save you BTW was ez , losing in your own game imagine that lmao... Sup / Cd / Fh / 3hit / Atl / Exclusive wont save you Fight 4: I dont know what the fuck was going on at outburst hq but how do you get gwas on F2P LOL was ez .5 clear @Kold POV: @Zig Pov:
  2. ~Written by 3at and Jizzle~ A whole week had passed since Supremacy claimed the top #1 spot on F2P Trips, so we had high hopes to continue the streak. After massing 55 Tigers and later peaking at 62 golden gods, we took the F2P Wilderness by the neck and made it our bitch, once again, sitting on our golden throne at the top spot. 2+ hours, 2000+ kills, 2 dead clans trying to rival us, 1 common goal. Supremacy stays winning Noel Utc X Poo We started the trip off hitting a fight between Fatality and Apex at bandit camp. Easy and short to say, we steamed both clans into singles and walked away with a big happy grin on our faces knowing that Apex is still a worthless and dog shit clan. Fatality tried to save Apex but it was too late, as we sent them running to the hills with depression and embarrassment. The second fight of the day came against the shittiest clan to ever exist on this game, composed of the biggest failures to ever click a computer mouse. These retards decided to log into multi and sit there just to give Supremacy another win, and thats exactly what we did. We rushed these monkeys on top of 13 ports and completely ass fucked them back to oblivion. Their callers stuttered heavily and the cycle of depression that exists in Intense Retardation was once again initiated by the almighty tigers of Supremacy. First, we demoralize their clan by rushing them and dropping 12 people in 30 seconds. Secondly, we laugh at their audio and callers mid fight, and lastly break their clan in half. We fucked them so bad they had to beg EOP to come save them. Next we set up a fight against EOP at corp hill, we rushed down numbers putting faith in our members quality. We battled EOP on corp hill for a short while before we got word that IR were about to come and focus us, we manoeuvred ourselves behind corp cave and continued to bow EOP north east. We edged ourselves north west towards singles in anticipation of the crash, IR logged in singles spamming "AC" - we take no prisoners so we proceeded to switch our focus to IR instead of EOP. [IR]Titans decided it was a good idea to lead his fall in into multi with no overheads on, after we one hit him we continued to chase his clueless members into multi. Soon after dropping about 15 IR members on their heads EOP re-rushed, electing to focus us over IR, we fought them 2vs1 for a little while making sure to hold the singles line. Eventually we decided to get a fall in west in order to re-position ourselves for our next hit. We clashed with IR at corp hill with even opts in-game, within no time at all we took the lead and controlled the fight from the beginning to the end. We dominated the south east side of the hill, sitting right on top of IRs clump, slamming their sand crab recruits with our scimitars. By the time FOE had crashed the fight we were up ~15 opts on IR, just a sign of things to come. We dipped to singles for a 10 second regroup to re-position after FOE crashed, we rushed back onto corp hill to find Apex there with their 25 man pull, we obliterated them with one push sending them straight to singles. We camped Apex in singles until their members tapped out, and reminded them what happens to clans that team with IR. Next we rushed IR sitting on 18 ports whilst down 5 opts, just like before we took control of the fight in seconds. Even with a brief interruption from FOE crashing we continued to focus IR with unrivalled attention, we chased IR from 18 ports to chaos altar, and later towards south east graves, commanding a giant lead the entire time. IR were reduced from 60-20 capes on the counter before they suicided their remaining 20 by running straight into EOP. While our dogs Ir were too busy regrouping and struggling to getting 40 people (lmfao you lost 20 in 1 hour), we tele'd up to bandit camp and waited to see what was up. EOP logged into us and asked for a fight, so we decided to throw hands. Right off the bat, EOP ran east into multi and lost 4 lost pirates that were too fat to follow their clan in time. We matched their pull in a matter of seconds and got on our aggressive side, instantly starting the pain train of them dropping numbers. We gained a solid 5 man lead, which later turned into a 9 man lead, and began to walk them around bandit camp. Around a minute into the fight with Supremacy sitting on top, Fatality rushed in the fight and both us and EOP began to slap green on sight. Fi couldn't handle the pressure by standing in the middle of 2 clans and took off to regroup east of bandits. When Fi ran away, us and EOP would continue the fight. When Fi re-rushed, we would separate and refocus our attention. This went on for a good 5-10 minutes, with Supremacy maintaining the most people in the entire cluster. At one point we chased EOP from tele spot to east bandits, to inside bandits, and back to tele spot. When EOP went west, Fi would rush, so we did the exact same thing to them. We had 51 people to Fi’s 36 by the time we pushed them back into singles. When Fi finally left after being pushed to east singles, we re-rushed EOP at the tele spot of bandit camp, and the clean 1v1 re-started. We had 45~ people to EOP’s 40~ and held the south west side of the tele spot. EOP had around 60 starting and definitely had returners on the way, as they slowly creeped back up to 45 people. We had to turn on the defensive side and wait for our returners as we barely lost anyone during the cluster, but depleted our run, pray, and food. We ran NW to hold off on returners and baited EOP into following us, burning their run. We then went back to the tele spot and east of the water with our 40, while EOP had 50. Once we hit the tele spot, our returners were good to go as we matched EOP back at 50 and once again started to show them how the tiger gang runs shit. Swift scim pushes and perfect organized calls lead Supremacy to gain a 10 man lead, which later turned into a 15 man lead, and then finally a 25 man lead. EOP were running back and forth trying to hold off for returners, but we decided enough bullying was enough, and went east with 51 winning tigers. EOP stayed for another 4 minutes with their 20-25 pull to regroup and get an ending spam of being the last clan standing while the golden gods in Supremacy were celebrating our victory.
  3. Today TheBeeHive massed up a solid 40-42 PrimeTimeKillerBees for some this Sunday The first fight of the day was Apex vs an unknown clan. We opted to crash from the east side and did some serious damage on the south side. We eventually backed out of the fight after apex called for a northern wrap being outnumbered 1 to 2. We held it near glory hill as other clans like FI and SUP crashed. The second hit of the day was at GDZ again. We found IR spread west of GDZ and rushed them from their west. We had a strong north and caught them in clumps at the gate. Shortly after Foe crashed with numbers so we backed out. The next hit was pretty funny. I asked anyone to hit MF at bandits for fun. FI tried to log in on top of us but, we quickly moved east and caught them in clumps of rice from singles #Masterbaiter2018 Shortly after, AAO joined the fight and it then became a hit and run cluster for a small bit until we found something better to hit. The next fight was a big cluster happening at CA. We rushed from east graves and worked our way around pond. We hit Apex, Fi, AAO, FOE etc.. whatever was out there. The rest of the trip for about an hour plus or so, consisted of a mass return fight at CA involving the following: Foe , Apex, FI and ourselves. It was fun as fuck, and well fought by us considering our pull in comparison to the others. Our damage was equal to, if not more than the rest. As a result this turned out to be one of the better trips for the Bee clan. Overall, it was a great trip A fuckton of action.. Thanks to all the PrimeTimeKillerBeez Be here next Sunday! Cya then bros Juan aka Bryan Pagina blanca aka White Page YAYA B Roberto
  4. August 5th,2018; After an amazing F2P Saturday trip that saw us have the most action, We massed up a quick 60 Green men and peaked at 73 Pure Elites for our P2P Sunday Trip. Shout-out to our "rivals" who on this their only trip of the weekend spent an extra 45 minutes at GE Massing only managing 37 opts. We setup a 1v1 against Supremacy and we defended at bandits, We started clearing up SUP's south side on their rush. After a short time Intense Redemption logged in single and we pulled a bit south, SUP logged out and we started completely steamrolling IR in clumps, We made IR teleport out and than SUP came back and we dipped and banked We heard Supremacy was fighting near Chaos Alter we rushed from the west and started catching SUP in massive clumps as they were spread north to south. SUP and Intense Redemption started going east so we stayed west and held the teleport spot. They both came to hit us and we pulled south. We heard Final Ownage Elites was about to log in so we went to edge and waited for them to hit, Once they hit we followed behind them and hit them once they went near boneyard. They teleported out and we went back south and Hit SUP & IR who was fighting west of CA. Once they both got cleared we went to singles and banked. We started a cluster a GDZ, We started hitting Intense Redemption and started pushing them far northeast doing massive damage on them, We almost had them completely cleared when Final Ownage Elites rushed. We went east and waited for someone to follow us. Supremacy was there and we began to fight them on new gate, We started off very aggressive and took a commanding lead, We pushed them south and they all fled to singles, We went back west and cleared up whatever was left. Misfits kept on avoiding us the entire trip. We finally moved south of them and caught them when they were trying to run to singles, We killed everyone in multi and started hitting them in singles, Eventually they got cleared up and we went south and caught a bank. We logged in on top of Misfits in multi and they ran to singles, We fought them in singles near bandits. Against All Odds/Purge logged in west and we started fighting them as MF went to bank. We continued fighting them until MF was about to rerush. We went to bank and quickly teleported back up, We went north of AAO and MF and rushed south and completely steamrolled through all of AAO. We killed them and cleared them than went to bank after looting. With all clans standing around we took the opportunity to log in on top of Misfits and hit them in singles. We figured we would waste some time and wait for clans, The minute we logged in and started speccing out MF they teleported so fast. 40 MF Bee sprayed in .5 We went to hit Misfits near corp but instead Apex beat us to them and we hit them instead we started fighting at ca and surrounding area. We kept on Apex and eventually Against All Odds and MF and Final Ownage Elites would show up, We completely dominated the fight not banking for nearly 30 minutes and completely clearing both AAO and MF. We had just cleared MF at ghost hut went west and started banging out Apex when we heard FOE was coming to crash. So we finally dipped to the bank for our first regroup. We teleported back up and continued fighting all 4 clans who seemed to team up against Fatality. We held our ground and continued to clear clans all around us, We were the most dominate clan at the cluster and did the most damage. We cleared MF up and they ended their trip, We cleared Apex one last time and than teleported out.
  5. August 4th,2018; We massed up 50 Pure Elites and peaked at 55 Green Men and ventured out into the F2P Wilderness. We wanted to have an action packed trip and managed exactly that we had 3 separate 30+ minute fights. Thanks to all the clans today for the clean action! We started our trip by hitting Apex from the west near bandits, We started pushing them east when Supremacy logged in and crashed. Shortly after Eruption of Pures and Final Ownage Elites rushed, We fought north for a short while than all clans went singles. We setup a 1v1 against Apex and started smoking them near 13 ports, we started hitting them south and cycled through them. We caught binds on them from behind as Against All Odds crashed and Apex went singles with 25 ingame. We stayed multi with 47. We started a cluster and ended it, we started by hitting Apex until Eruption of Pures came and they started 2v1'ing us. We went singles and Supremacy rushed Apex, We rushed south back on EOP who was fighting Intense Redemption south. We continued fighting around chaos alter when more clans started logging in and we went south and dipped. We setup a 1v1 against Apex and they defended bandits, We rushed from the west and quickly started taking control of the fight. After a couple minutes Supremacy logged in south and rushed us from the north we held near singles and caught SUP members south inside us. We started fighting Apex but Eruption of Pures logged in and crashed. We setup another fight against Apex and this time we defended at Bandits, they rushed from the east and we started to cycle very well. We went from dead even opts to Fatality taking a 10 kill lead. Eruption of Pures and Supremacy crashed. We went south and hopped and banked. We heard Supremacy and Eruption of Pures were fighting near bandits. We crashed and caused both clans to scatter and run north we stayed south and caught binds and bow'd north. We started dropping both clans like flies, EOP went south and we followed. Eventually we started 1v1v1. The fight went on for several minutes with all clans teaming on others at some point. We eventually went south after 30+ minutes of fighting. Another 1v1 was happening late into this F2P Trip, We logged in on Intense Redemption vs Apex. We started hitting both clans we didnt care who and dropped +5 instantly on rush. We started pushing both clans from CA to FOG. We started using our movements to our advantage and stayed on top of Apex with bows. Apex dipped and we started turning around on IR who moved north to CA. We started bullying them up there and they tried to mass return south, we camped them south and cleared them at level 1. @Schweden
  6. It is Sunday, the 5th of August. We pull an impressive 73 and peak at 80 mighty sharks. With this pull and yesterdays momentum we were set for a great trip. We jumped straight in the action with a 45 min return fight at gdz clearing AAO, IR and Supremacy and showed Foe that avoiding us in clanwars will not stop us from gwasing them. Videos @Shoan ake mine The trip started off with a huge cluster at gdz. The main fight was between Apex and Eop and we went back and forth for a good 45 minutes. Clans with small boats aproached and tried to mingle with us. When this happened we shifted our focus and quickly cleared them off the map. AAO were our first victims when we gwased them at gap. Supremacy and IR made the same mistake later and got disciplined quickly. Thanks for the clean fight Eop. After regrouping we meet AAO at corp hill. We clear them in no time and continue fighting Fi at 18 port. We push them off the map and head to ca where we find Mf who freeze up and tele upon seeing us. It's been 1.5 hours and Foe finally found the courage to fight us. With their poor calling they quickly found theirselves clumped up and ready for slaughter. It will be a very LONG time untill they prep us after this GWAS. Another cluster commenced at ca and we jump in with no hesitation. We clear AAO and Misfits multiple times. Foe arrive late once again and we quickly clear them as soon as they do. This results in a return fight that lasts for a long time between Apex and Foe with slight tingling from AAO. Due to superior member quality and calling Apex easily come out on top eventually. Pictures
  7. Yh we killed clans etc, loc on envy tho? did u really cancel ur first ever p2p trip bro? LOOOOOOOOOL
  8. On this Glorious Sunday Ascent masses up 35 1 Defence Knights later peaking at 42 Berzerk freaks maintaining 35 our entire 3 hour trip. Our first fight of the day was Vs BT at corp. we rushed them down 6 from the north immediately getting aggressive and forcing there opts down to matched. We stayed aggressive with our runite scims and began gaining the upperhand. Rampage crashed from the south resulting in BT fleeing to the west of corp hill, we followed them never missing a beat and continuously pummeled them till they ran into singles. GF BT. Our Second engagement Vs BT was again north of Corp Hill. we rushed them in the trees with our bloody scims and focused on there western piles. As the cape counter ticked lower and lower leaving Ascent with 15+ opts in game BT flee'd North of our slaughter where we quickly bowed the straggling members down and cleared them from the map. GF BT x2. With Rampage pulling similar opts we reached out to our friends and asked for a clean fight west of FOG. They quickly confirmed and sent us the world, we hopped and clashed with them for many minutes trading casualties until Bad Timing lived up to there name and rushed from the north. We made a quick adjustment to our clump and began to focus the boys in blue with our superior single piling and tactical scims we decimated them leaving only 10 opts fleeing for there lives. GF RP GF BT x3 With all this glorious action in the wilderness we were thirsty for more bloodshed. We Again contacted Rampage for a fight at Fog. We began fighting them up a few opts (respect RP) where they began evening the fight up. we cycled and scimmed and again BT decided to crash. Wrong Hood Homies. We focused them again bowing them from the east and sandwhiching them forcing them north. We scimmed there eastern side and dropped many members before Rp Cleared the remaining stragglers. We again resituated our clump and began to engage RP again. we stayed aggressive and were able to push rampage south claiming our win. Rip BT x4 TY Rampage for the mostly clean fights ! After Rampage ended we werent done . Our messenger pigeon informed us of 36 Bad Timing on P18s. we quickly gathered our 34 men and set out to fight one last time to claim our final win of the day. This Fight was the most fun we had all day fighting BT at CA where they gained a few opts on us right away. To there Credit they managed to force us to 15 in game before the Mighty Knights returned endlessly never giving up our sight on victory. We never broke and remained fighting down opts slowly bringing the fight down to matched opts before gaining on them. Ascent at this point had enough and got right on top of them single piling them till nothing but 3 members ran into singles. Rip BT x5 Shoutout to BT donating there banks to our slaughter. Shoutout to Rampage for the attempts at clean action, always a pleasure. Shoutout to ALL my Ascentians for not breaking against the odds. POV SEB PICS
  9. Today TheBeeHive massed up a solid 40 PrimeTimeKillerBees and peaked at 45 for some Sunday smoke. We began our day by catching Fatality in one of our many gwasses of the day hahaha. I have 95 mage and am now 80k away from leveling thanks to those green retards Holy fuck, no Whisky no Fi. We then proceeded to join a cluster happening at boneyard involving several clans. We rushed from ruins and opted to hit FOE and some of the Apex there. We called for a few movements, keeping control of the west side. We finally opted to tele out after both FI and Sup showed up late to the party. We then logged in on top of Supremacy for probably the easiest clear of the day at bandits. Fight lasted maybe 30-60 seconds before they called for a mass tele or whatever. Next. After this we found FI fighting at sperm hill and decided to rush them from the north. We gave them the smokey smoke. Eventually teleing out after the whole scene crashed :/ One of our best fights of the day was east of sperm hill. Several clans were fighting and so we rushed from ss/ green drags and began attacking both Foe and Eop. We kept going back and forth into singles seeing as we were outnumbered but managed to get a bunch of kills. Ultimately backing out after both clans focused heavy dps on us. We then rerushed Foe with specs after we saw their numbers decrease, some weird unknown clan logged in on top of them. Not sure if raggers or not but hey man, free dds specs We found Foe and Fi fighting at bandits and so, we rushed them from the east side. We then continued to single to multi them catching them in a juicy gwass once again. Essentially forcing them to tele the fuck out. Once again, we found a cluster happening south of Fog.. We began by rushing Apex from their west and ultimately attacking Fatality afterward. Shortly after both IR, and Sup joined the fight, at which point we opted to do a full regroup. While returning we caught IR in a gwass on the ditch as they moved towards multi for some reason haha. We found a big fight happening at ghost hut between apex and fi. We opted to rush from the north side, catching big clumps and quick kos. We then opted to regroup once supremacy rushed us from the north. Overall, trip was solid. A fuckton of action.. Thanks to all the PrimeTimeKillerBeez Cya next sunday bros Backwoods White Page Rih-ah-nuh [/img]
  10. On Saturday 28/07/18 Supremacy headed out with 65 Supreme Tigers ready to hunt and exterminate the low tier clan Intense Retardation. We knew well in advance that Shitpex would pull horribly today so we were fully prepared to battle both clans 2vs1. We hunted IR all trip long whilst fighting any other clan that would get in our way, we participated in numerous clusters throughout the trip, and later peaked at 70 Supreme Tigers towards the midpoint of the trip. IR''s logic on a trip: @@Noel @ @ @ We started our trip by hitting IR directly north of sperm, we obliterated ~10 of their sand crab recruits before Apex rushed to their aid. We switched our focus between both clans, killing significant numbers with our scimitars before FOE and EOP crashed the fight. Stay easy anti-Supremacy alliance. Next we fought EnVy at hills hut, we dropped the majority of their high level accounts before EOP crashed the fight. We got word that IR were hiding in P2P worlds (they got gwassed by FOE), we decided to hop on in to bully IR for a little while. We absolutely crushed IR at bandits, forcing them to run to singles with ~20 people, only giving them breathing room when we elected to switch our focus to FI who were also present at the fight. Our fight against FI continued south of the fortress where we manoeuvred ourselves northeastwards in anticipation of an incoming crash whilst controlling the fight. We received intel that Apex were fighting AAO in varrock sewers, we quickly arrived wiping both clans off the map in one scim push. FI logged in at the ladder so we preceded to fight them in the sewers until we got word that IR were also about to log in at the ladder. We quickly positioned ourselves south on top of them, smashing their pitiful clan with our superior quality. In no time at all IR were completely cleared in-game, their survivors were forced to retreat back up the ladder. At this point FOE had also joined the cluster so we continued to fight both FOE and FI in the sewers, controlling the ladder the entire time. Our last fight of the day came in the form of a long return fight cluster at high altar. Initially we arrived at the high altar looking to IR who were trying to bait a 2vs1 against us with Apex, we gladly accepted their challenge and rushed them with ~60 warriors. We had significantly dropped the anti-Supremacy alliances opts in-game before FI, EOP, FOE, and EnVy had joined in on the fun. We remained at the cluster, switching our focus between clans depending on their in-game opts, manoeuvring ourselves between the altar, the doorway, and the singles line when necessary. We maintained a strong presence at the fight, never dropping below 35 opts in-game. IR and Apex both struggled to peak above 25 opts in-game for the entire duration of the fight, ultimately rounding off a pitiful display from the anti-Supremacy alliance today. I think more IR members need to refer to this guide on their forums/discord:-
  11. Fh peaked 12 and slammed the shit out of our rivals. While fh is winning rivalries RP & NM doing inners on a Sunday
  12. July 29th,2018; We massed up 65 Fatality Members ready to destroy everything we encountered today. We peaked at 70 Green Warriors today. We wanted to have the most action and we accomplished this. Shout-out to our 6 week rivals only managing to pull 30. (70-55-50-45-35-30) BTW. We found Final Ownage Elites at bandits, we logged in east of them in singles and started barraging west we caught numerous FOE members in huge clumps, they would either teleport out or die. After we cleared up FOE we went to bank before anyone could log in. It was clear at this point that Misfits was avoiding us and trying really hard to do so, We waited for the perfect time than used our information to gwas 20+ of them. We logged in east of them while they were fighting, We rushed from the east and caught 20+ MF at the hunter symbol by sperm. They instantly died. We teleported to edge and watched them log out with 22 ingame. Misfits logged in multi near 26 hill, we logged in directly south of them and rushed northwest and killed the MF we caught in our world and caught north. We waited for the someone to hit us but no one came. Misfits would end their trip after this hit with 28 Bee's l0l. We heard Apex was fighting near fog, We logged in east and rushed. We caught Apex in huge clumps as they were trying to run west. We continued to barrage and chin them and get aggressive on their south side, We almost had Apex cleared up when Misfits and Supremacy would log in. MF had 20 ingame so we continued to punish them. We fought Supremacy for sometime south but the 3v1 just wasn't appealing for us. We heard clans were fighting at Chaos Altar, We rushed from the west, We caught them all at the teleport spot and started pushing west with specs. We pushed Intense Redemption all the way south and they would teleport out, We went northeast on Apex and started clearing them up. We than heard Misfits was at pond we rushed far northwest and camped them all the way to corp killing so many MF. Once at corp we regrouped hopped over to a different world and than came back and hit MF in singles and made them go edge.
  13. July 28th 2018; We Pure Elites massed up 50 Green men and peaked at 63 Green Men for our F2P Saturday Trip. We logged in on top of two clans fighting and started hitting Apex. Against All Odds rushed from the north and we began a 1v2. We pushed Apex far west into singles and they didnt come back east so we had AAO all to ourselves. We starting pushing on top of AAO with scims. We pushed them northeast into singles and went back to barb and caught a fall in with 50. We crashed a 3 way fight going on in a p2p world. We started hitting Intense Redemption who ran and logged south, Final Ownage Elites went far west into singles, We than turned to Supremacy who had the majority left in game, we caught them in a 20 man clump with 1 foe kid catching a barrage and we killed most of them, the rest ran west and went into singles, we tried fighting south again but that would get crashed. We logged in on Apex and Against All Odds fighting and saw Supremacy rush from the northwest. We quickly started hitting them and holding the quest icon in varrock sewers. We held our position and eventually FInal Ownage Elites logged in northeast. We switched our focus to them and started banging them out. We started a 6 clan cluster consisting of Fatality,Final Ownage Elites,Eruption of Pures, Apex, Supremacy, Intense Redemption, Envy at high alter, all clans lost opts and gained opts during the long fight. We hit on the altar and killed Apex south, Apex got dipped from the fight, SUP had taken care of IR. We continued to hit SUP and EOP at the altar. We spend the last half of the fight fighting FOE and EOP and alot of mains for over 30 minutes. We finally decided to catch a fall in and dip out with 53 FI.
  14. Pulled 9 Hybrids and slapped the shit out of every team or clan that stepped on our block T17 Worldwide
  15. Welcome To Fearless! Introduction: Fearless was formed by previous xlpc clanners looking to dominate the scene. Our main purpose of opening is constant action and to close Outburst who are hiding under the name Nightmare, with a goal of reviving the scene/reviving w308 without Nightmare in it. We welcome every previous Pigs to come join us as we come into journey in our new xlpc era . Pigs Then Pigs Now Pigs Forever. Founders: Tannie Leaders: Jeenyo High Councils: Bottlez Kunoo Warlord: Bajere Jail Councils: Naaldo Flex Officers: Harenking Devil 55-65 Combat 1-4 Defence 75+ Strength 75+ Range 75+ Magic Teamspeak3: Friday (Everyone Invited) Discord: Friday (Everyone Invited) CC: fs cc
  16. July 22nd,2018; We massed up 70 Fatality Members ready to destroy everything we encountered today. Being the highest pulling clan peaking at 84 Green Men. Today we set out to have the most action aswell. Our 5 week old rivals only managed to pull 35. (70-55-50-45-35) BTW. We heard Intense Redemption was fighting at bandits so we decided to log in and hit them from the east. We pushed them completely all the way south and made them get into fat clumps, we moved south and got aggressive and cleared them up. We found a couple Eruption of Pures at the teleport spot and we started to barrage them and they would teleport out. We went to singles before Supremacy logged in. We found Misfits at falador and went to go exterminate them, we rushed them with double their opts and casted mad tb's catching at least 10 behind and killing them. We setup a fight against Intense Redemption at GDZ, Both clans have similar opts and the fight ragged on with several clans crashing and getting cleared. We started fighting IR for several minutes before Eruption Of Pures and Final Ownage Elites crashed. Both clans did very well managing the crashers and clearing them separately. Fatality focused mostly on EOP and pushed them from gap to single strips where they would log out with 30 and go random worlds. We than both turned on FOE who got completely steamrolled. We heard clans were coming back to crash so we started fighting IR. We held almost double opts on IR ingame when we went south and dipped before EOP rerushed. We setup another fight against Intense Redemption this one went on slightly longer than the last one and the same outcome as the last one, We started fighting IR knowing that it would be crashed by Eruption of Pures and Final Ownage Elites. We used this as an advantage because FOE and EOP couldnt be at the same place at the same time without hitting eachother. We used both clans to our advantage and made them mostly fight eachother instead of crashing us hitting IR. Unforutunately some Turmoil kids decided that they would crash with jaja. We continue fighting IR until we had a opportunity to log with 60 and we decided to dip from the majority mains and a couple IR. We heard Misfits was in a pvp world near fog so we waited for them to go multi than quickly smoked them and caught them in huge clumps, we followed them to edge bank where they would log from us with 36 ingame. L0L. We setup a 1v1 against Final Ownage Elites down around 5-10. We logged in on top of them and started smoking them from the east. After fighting for some time the numbers of FOE just took control and we couldnt kill them fast enough. We eventually went south and teleported out and ended our trip with 69 Fatality Members. @Schweden @Anqi
  17. cc: NM CC | nightmare.ts3chat.com | https://discord.gg/pr5ASYb Today, Nightmare set out with 60 Reapers to take on 80 Panda-Shark Hybrids Although we were clearly outnumbered (even being down 30 at one point), we managed to put up a good fight, make a sick comeback, and beat them. Despite having +30 on us, Rampage even refused a FT.100 at clan wars :/ (ya'll know what happens when they cw with us lmao) See you next Sunday Rampage, Apex, and Envy Grats Nightmare on one hell-of-a trip even with the odds against us!
  18. Rampage massed up 85 hungry pandas for nightmares opening trip ! LEARNING NIGHTMARE TEAMED WITH AAO/HELLS ANGELS/OVERDOSE & TANKS FIGHTS Fight 1 - Took place at 13 ports forcing Nightmare to hug the single line eventually getting the easy clear and claiming the dub Fight 2 - Took place at 13 ports again , was a long return fight , Nightmare did have a lead at one point but our fast returners came back to completely shred them ! we took the dub for a 2-0 in wild ---- STAY TUNED FOR AUDIO LEAK ---- PICTURES VIDEO - Nightmare ranks said they using tanks to ragg @Fudog but the tanks are clearly in the front lines fighting us. lmfao
  19. On Sunday 7/23/2018, Supremacy massed up 55 supreme warriors later peaking at 60. Thanks for the action guys. IR AUDIO LEAK: @Nh ing @X poo @ @@Noel Caught Fi in a 20 man clump as they were running east into singles from bandit camp. Got a couple bangs but majority tele'd out. Intel informed us AAO and MF were fighting at Barb Village. Logged on top of the fight and quickly took control of the center of barb. As we were pushing MF and AAO out of our village Apex logged in west and we pushed on top of them catching them in some pretty big clumps killing most of them. After clearing up the majority of Apex we pushed north on top of MF and AAO making them either die or tele. Found IR west of GDZ. Got them in big clumps on their north side. Got a +10 lead or so before the fight was rudely interrupted by Foe and Fi so we dipped out with our loot. Scouts found IR and Fi fighting at GDZ. Logged in on top of new gate hill and decimated anyone on the east side of the hut. Got 30-40 kills and made the fight move west before we got out of there because we heard Foe was coming. Found AAO and MF fighting north of fally by the statue. Rushed from fight from the west and made both clans tele out. For some reason both AAO and MF tele'd back into Fally center at the same time so we did a 180 ran in from the north and gwased the shit out of both clans. For our last fight of the day we found IR and Apex fighting at GDZ. Knowing they would probably team on us like always, we logged in south of gap and began barraging both clans over the lava. Both IR and Apex began moving east so we followed and kept catching them in big clumps. As we were smoking the fuck out of both clans we heard AAO was trying to push through the gap so we ran back west and caught AAO in a 15 man as they tried to run through. After clearing up the remainder of AAO we ran south to boneyard and cleared up 10 or so IR members who were returning through Corp Cave for some reason.
  20. #AAO|WWW.AAO-RS.ORG On July 6th, 2018, the ranks of Envy thought it would be a great idea to stir the pot up with AAO. We have had a constant watch out for Envy for as long as 4 months now and felt that it was better to build a healthy competitive scene rather than pick on the new kids on the block. We knew Envy would have a rough time adjusting to the new LPC scene so we offered help and assistance. But it seems as though some of the Envy ranks took our kindness for weakness. The AAO rank team have tried to be reasonable through all of the immaturity and blatant propaganda Envy have been so keen to throw around, well now it's our turn. Today AAO left varrok church with 50 cubs, later peaking at 60 to take out Envy. Videos @trajan pov @Torag Envy Audio Leak: Summary: AAO vs Ev #1 Within 10 minutes of leaving our mass location we went on our way to hunt Envy. We knew they were all double logged in on mains but that didn't stop us. We hit them in singles which eventually lead to them going south to not get fully cleared lol? AAO VS EV #2 After waiting almost half an hour for Envy to re-mass and pass around more mains they finally decided to rush us in muti. With 15+ EV mains on AAO, we still managed to get a 10 man lead before EOP crashed. Easy as fuck lol AAO VS EV - Final Fight EV learning from the previous fight decided to stay below level 10 and spam us lol. We patiently waited in their homeland (hills hut) and after 10 minutes the fight commenced. It literally came to a point where we had a 20 man lead, it really was just a laugh fest on our discord. EOP decided to crash at the end leaving 45+ AAO still left on the field in comparison to Envys 20.
  21. Today the almighty green dicked warriors set out with 58 pures later peaking at 63 pures to dismantle AAO. We did just that. They knew we had a 20+ pure advantage on them, so they brought mains no surprise there. We kept it clean, bringing no mains the whole time. They also had a few mains in our capes, that didn't stop us from absolutely giving them the hammer cock. At every point in the vid AAO was down 10-15 they would call FOE to come in and aid them. SHOUTOUT TO IR/EOP/APEX/FI for keeping it main free! Tired of dying? Join EnVy. PM me! Want to leave AAO, but make some money while you're there? PM me!
  22. |#AAO|WWW.AAO-RS.COM| Today AAO set out with 45 cubs later peaking at 50 We had high hopes that Envy wouldn't devolve to using mains today but come to find out they broke the role with bringing them during our first fight at bandits. The next 2 hours would consist of walking our dogs envy around the wilderness and letting them know who the superior clan is. We also participated in several fights/clusters with Fatality/EOP/FOE/Apex/IR while Envy were at edgeville frantically massing up more people in the hopes of fighting us. AAO vs Envy - Bandits We saw Envy at bandits and proceeded to fight them. Down 10 we brought it back even. Soon after EOP+Apex crashed but we remained in multi. We camped the return spot until Envy decided to rush back in, both clans at equal #s we quickly gained a +8 and pushed them east into singles. LOL AAO vs Envy - Hills Hut Envy decided to defend at hills hut like morons so we swooped in and got an instant +5 lead. FOE crashed the fight, AAO moved north, got a fall in and went looking for action, whilst Envy got walked down LOL. AAO vs Apex+Fatality - Boneyard We found both clans fighting and we took our chance to hit it with no turning back. https://imgur.com/kmXw57e AAO vs Envy+IR - Corp We found Envy at corp, we rushed in and had our 1v1. IR soon crashed so we maintained our position and fought IR meanwhile Envy scattered to the safety of singles. While the big dogs fought it out at corp, Envy finally found the courage to come out of hiding and re-entered the fight. We made sure to focus Envy and completely destroyed them after IR left because of EOP. With Envy being down 20, AAO were the last remaining clan AAO vs Envy - 13 Ports AAO found Envy at ditch lvl 1. We flamed them into fighting us and they went into multi in lvl 5. We slowly took the fight to 13 ports and were anticipating a long return fight since majority of clans had ended. But at round 4pm Envy threw in the towel and called it quits on returning. LOL
  23. July,14th,2018; The Pure Elites massed up 45 Fatality Warriors later peaking at 53 Green Men for our F2P Saturday Trip. We setup a fight against Supremacy and defended at sperm. They rushed from the south and the tussle began. We went kill for kill for some time in a even one vs one fight. Eruption of Pures crashed from the west, we went south and SUP ran to singles at dipped. We went to bank. We setup another fight against Supremacy at Falador, We defended inside the shop and SUP rushed from middle. We started focusing the door and getting alot of bangs on the door and the inner walls. We heard Eruption of Pures was coming from another world upstairs. We ran outside and went to the bank west before they could crash. We got a fight against Apex and rushed them while they defended inside bandits camp they had a few more on us but we started to focus their members sticking out, We continued to cycle through and get some nice 1v1 action, Eruption of Pures logged in from the south and rushed north. We pulled east going outside the door and south. Apex ran to singles and dipped. We setup another fight against Supremacy down 10. We rushed from the west and instantly banged out two of them. We continued to battle hard with good movements and strong calls. Intense Redemption logged in and We started hitting them. Eruption of Pures logged in and focused FI, We fought back briefly but than pulled northwest to the main fight. We started sniping EOP and killing their stragglers. They came and rushed us and we logged out. We setup a fight against Apex and they defended bandits, We rushed from the west and started cycling right off the bat. We got a couple quick KO's before Supremacy crashed from the south, We pulled north and Eruption of Pures crashed and started hitting Supremacy, They dipped and Apex ran from EOP. We went to bank. We setup our last fight against Apex but as we went Eruption of Pures was all we found. Surprisingly they had only +5 on us so we held out ground and started fighting back, We pushed EOP south and started to pull it even. They had a fast group of returners and held the lead, Intense Redemption crashed and we ran west near pond, and than far west and logged. @Schweden
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