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xlpc Ascent Recruitment Topic!

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Welcome to Ascent.



Ascent, has some history behind runescape from clanning either in W57 back in 2012, to W308 in 2017. We thrived off LPC and XLPC action every chance we had. This will be our 4th time opening under the XLPC scene so I won't bother posting anything unrelated to XLPC, but hopefully get the other clans back down to a decent combat cap, knowingly this scene is to grab newer people, and get them prepared for a larger scene, give them a taste of what pure clanning is all about.



We are here to have fun, alot of us love just the aspect for F2P clanning, and were brought ourselves to clanning from F2P, we hope we can bring that runescape feeling to other recruits we bring around aswell. If anything happens to sprout off our community, we will adapt to it but for now we hope to just keep bringing in pures to our community and help put our milestone somewhere along the pure community.






35-50 Combat

1-4 Defence

55+ Strength

55+ Range

55+ Magic





website: http://clan-ascent.net/

teamspeak: Ts.clan-ascent.net

irc: #Ascent

cc: Ascent





These are all videos of our past xlpc version not of any other version.




Beating CD in a prep 3-0




Beating SK in a prep 3-0



Ascent vs Flawless ft25 25-18



Beating BT down 10 in the wildy



Ascent vs Flawless prep 2-1



Ascent vs Intense Redemption 3-0



Ascent vs IR,FL,BT Kings of Chaos Alter





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4LET is back bitches :D

me being back in ascent should let every one know that war is closed ! brown sticky stuff clan and the leader was holding onto something he didn't have 

Today i am rejoining ascent closing war taking alot of what they had left with me to ascent and in return going to slap BTs little bums alongside my brothers in ascent ;) 

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7 minutes ago, PICwarior381 said:

gl big head

thanks gl too you too big toe

2 minutes ago, Singles said:

We just agreed on something lol


2 minutes ago, Sacajaywea said:

you copied and pasted my topic from last year lol

basically just updating it brotha much love tho <3

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