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Tanking Guide

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Tanking Guide
A guide for the Main Scene - By Leaks

Starter Tips

Keep your inventory neat

When you are practicing your combo eats, you never want to struggle to know what is where. It doesn’t really matter what you keep where, keep it neat and consistent so you develop some good muscle memory for your ease. Shark, brew, karam, p neck all lined up! Restores ready to save you from getting smited.

Keep your sounds on

When you hear that ice barrage and those bolts landing, you know you are being targeted. Without sounds, it is much harder to see what is happening to you before it is too late to react. This will be your middle sound bar. Keep your sounds on and learn to use them, as they are a very important tool in your pking shed.

Keep your f-keys set

F-Keys are a requirement for tanking. I would recommend my personal settings for F-Keys.

- F4 : Inventory ( Pointer )
- F3 : Prayers ( Middle )
- F2 : Spellbook ( Ring )
- F1 : Spectab ( Pinky )
- F5 : Equipment ( Pointer )
- esc : World Hop ( Pinky )

Use your pointer finger for F4 and middle finger for F3. These will be the only two keys you will need for tanking. You can also reconfigure the placement of prayers with RuneLite client. This may make it easier for you to switch between eating and praying. 


Put on your tank armour

If you are wearing full mystics, wearing your d’hide and granite/rune legs may be much better for you to mitigate damage. This should happen as an instinct, the second you hear the ice barrage and the bolts being fired at you, it means you are the next target and people are going to burst you down. If you are wearing armour with low defences, you will put yourself at a significant disadvantage and will die much faster. 

Put protection prayers on

Protection prayers reduce 40% of the damage of a specific style, they are arguably more important than food.

- Protect range : Use this 80% of the time, as range will be the highest dps in most combat situations. The only exception being barrage clumps. 
- Protect melee : When you see someone run up to you, don’t let him spec you out a 73. Melee weapons, with their specs, have the highest burst damage. 
- Protect mage : Escape crowd control. The more you are running around, the less people are onto you. You mess with the enemy’s positioning if they chase you, or force them to switch targets. You will take more damage, so eat accordingly.

Combo eat

By the time you react to knowing that you are being targeted, you would have suffered heavy damage. Combo eat shark>brew>karam>p-neck. This is to stabilise your hp heaps, but it will remove a lot of high healing/tick food from your inventory. This is most effective when done in a single tick.


Pay attention to enemy attack styles

Usually there will be all three combat styles onto you, but one style will be used as the majority. This will usually be either range or melee. Protection prayers offer more survivability than food at times! Switch them accordingly. F-keys are highly advised for this, as you will be needing to switch between inventory for food and prayers for protection.

Eating types

You have your high healing/tick food, which is your combo eating. You also have your high healing/inventory food, which is you spamming brews. Conserve your heal/tick food for clutch moments, and your healing/inventory food for when you are high hp. You should not be wasting your sharks and karambs if you don’t have to. Always make sure you are wearing a P-neck. Also make sure you are appropriately anti-fired and anti-venomed. One lucky hit can kill you if you are not careful. 

Pay attention to your prayer level

You get smited out and you are as good as dead. No protection prayers will leave you naked, and worse, will mean that you lose your +1 item if you were in the wildy. Always glance over to your prayer points. This is similar to when you play League of Legends for some of you. Glance over to your minimap every few seconds to keep yourself safe!


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3 minutes ago, LeaksCity said:

Oh yeah @puppyslush, sure thing!

I am new to sharkbrew and all, but I have a fair experience around the main scene

I can submit some sick guides in to you your wiki, if you are willing

Sure! I'll get back to you later on that however as we are changing skins and upgrading our site to IPB 4.3 which would break the wiki

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