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Sharkbrew Warrior

weekend Noxious Sunday - Clan Wars Warfare (40v40) Ft. AC, OD, TP

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50-65 CB Pure? Join Noxious xLPC Clan Today!

Discord: https://discord.gg/DabJjrV | Clan Chat: Clan Noxious



Hello Pkers!

Today, Noxious + Anonymous + Overdose + The Plague all massed up to a combined 90-100 members for some fun CW action. No tanks, cancer shit etc. Yay!

This was a random last minute event we all agreed on. Ty guys for coming! 💋

@Infamous JetNice 10 pull doing nothing all the day faggot LOL!


Round 1:

Red Starting: 40

Blue Starting: 39 (1 dc)

Red Ending: 32

Blue Ending: 0


Round 2 & Round 3:

TP dismissed due to voice comms problems using TS/Disc and AC ranks had to go as well. 😕


To finish it off, we had a fun FT50 event with the remaining members. GF.



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I think lessons can be learned after today. Don't flame a discord with 50 people in it after action you want to have again. also, alan is a troll. 


besides the obvious!! today well hella fun, thank you everyone for showing up and participating.

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