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J Hatton

Hi im Hatton

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Hello there, used to play years ago but quit and thought I'd have a bash at the game now the mobile version is out so I can play it whilst I'm on the go.

I used to be admin of Pure Community/Pure Warfare and I was in clans such as Epidemic, NME, FOE, CP, Sovereign and others. If anyone I know is still playing, let me know as I'm starting from complete scratch so have nobody on friends list or fuck all lol. Also do any clans still use IRC/is there any good clan chats these days? It's been a while lol

Also hello to the new people nice to see you :)


RSN: J Hatton

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Hello @J Hatton

Welcome to the Brew my friend :) 

Great to see an ex admin from the former pure community boards back. IRC isn't really used anymore... Discord is the main replacement (same thing happening with Teamspeak all tho many still have ts tho).

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