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weekend Zoom's Action Packed Sunday Trip - FT. Bobbie Book, ATL, FH, 3HIT, Viet, and XLPCs

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On this Magnificent Sunday Evening, Zoom massed up 10 Handsome niggas, later peaking to 13 opts to dominate this Snipe/XLPC scene.

First Fight - Cleared ATL Matched Opts, GF was fun

Second Fight - Immediately clearing ATL, we rushed Bobbie Book and got a full clear (Matched opts again), GF

Third Fight - Had Fun Sniping the XLPC clusters which included Rage, SKO, IMT, and XL

Fourth Fight - Walked FH to Ditch, Gf

Thanks For Action Teams and Clans !


Discord Contact Info - 


n uts ack #2574

Super Smoke#1789 


Kold POV 



Shy King POV


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