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weekend 🐻 Rage's Super Saturday | Ft. Fatality / Outrage / Legacy / Foe / Sup?l0l

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Rage rounded up 52 bears for our Official F2P PK Trip yesterday. As always we set out with the intention of getting as much clean action as possible. We fought Fatality and Outrage (congrats on opening) numerous times today, and hit various clusters at Bandit Camp and Al Kharid involving pretty much every clan.

We started the trip off by organising a fight against Fatality at 13 ports, we rushed the ports down 3 and immediately took control of the fight by luring them south around the pond and back to the ports. We commanded a significant lead before other clans started to show, eventually dipping to singles when FOE crashed.

We followed this up by hitting a cluster at bandits between Fatality and Supremacy. We held our position on the lava west of bandits and focused both clans directly north of us before they dipped to singles.

Next we set up two back-to-back 1vs1s with Outrage at 13 ports and corp hill. The fights showed early promise but were unfortunately both short-lived.

We set up with Fatality again, this time at Al Kharid. We started the fight upstairs in the palace which soon sparked off a big cluster involving every clan. We fought through the cluster and re-hit it at different stages and positions, fighting on both the first and second floors.

After the cluster ended we organised another fight against Fatality north of Shantay pass which remained unscathed throughout. We utilised our numbers advantage well and managed to control the fight from the get go. With a significant lead we were able to switch our focus to Supremacy almost immediately to put an end to their miserable attempt at crashing.


Finally we ended our trip by fighting Outrage in a clan wars 20-def armour cap FT100 fight. Thanks for the action.








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