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I just got my laptop, first thing i downloaded was runescape. 

I've got a nice base pure, can transition to 75 attack if needed by the clan.

60 attack/89 str/99 range/ 52 pray/95 mage/91 hp

(95 agility/ 83 con) big flex

I'm from the east coast and prefer a clan that has people on the same timezone as me.. non toxic would be nice but i understand we are playing runescape.

What your getting out of me is someone who can attend every weekend trip and is generally active on forums (when im not home i like to scroll through) weekdays i have limited time but im sure you understand as most of us are adults with prior or more important commitments. 

I'm experienced in both f2p and p2p and can call

(not looking for a rank just if needed) 

anyways im an above average +1 with tons of quality 


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