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announcement Ranked Mini Teams Elo league

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Mini Teams

While this is not the first time Sharkbrew has tracked mini teams, this time around I was approached by Moni and H_88 a while back indicating their intentions of bringing the mini team scene back to life and how they want to interweave both the clan and mini scene to form a symbiotic relationship.



Mini Teams ELO League

From 1st Dec, Sharkbrew is tracking all minis by mini teams. We hope with this system, we can encourage more pures to gather a few of their friends to participate in this competitive league. To deter obsession of losses, we will not be advertising the team's loss, only the number of wins as shown below:


As minis events tend to outweight that of pure clans, I have fast tracked the promotion of H_88 and he will be handling the mini teams ELO league.

In the coming days I will announce the monthly prize money for the top mini team in the league


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