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announcement Monthly F2P/P2P RSBL Launch 8th Sept

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Monthly RSBL

While RSBL is defined by tournaments with mega prizes that occurs occasionally, sharkbrew hopes that we can bring something to the table by encouraging continuous RSBL events through the use of a monthly league system that incentivizes steady action that also rewards and recognizes newer clans to the scene.

How does it work?

There are 2 separate leagues, F2P and P2P

For each event topic you post, your clan group receives a number of points, at the end of the month, our system will calculate who has the highest number of points earned in that month and announce you the winner!

Starting time: 1st day of the month, 00:00 EST

Ending time: last day of the month, 23:59 EST

All topics must be posted within that time period or they will not be counted



P2P: 50m, a customized clan sig, and forum avatar recognition of your win

F2P: 50m, a customized clan sig, and forum avatar recognition of your win

As activity picks up, we will be increasing the GP prizes accordingly

Rules/Ranks involved

A rule topic will be posted later. If you have any questions please feel free to dm the following ranks:






How do I participate?

First ensure you have a clan group here:


Finally post your event topics in the designated area over here in the 'Main Community' section:


Be sure to tag it as "RSBL" in the prefix

We shall start counting RSBL topics posted on and after the 8th of sept 00:00 EST



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