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Onslaught P2P Sunday Ft Smoking All Slaves


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Set off with 41 owners ready to send off the last smoke of the year and got what we wanted with our hours long beatdown of the clans we've victimized for the past 8 months.


End of the year recap to be posted some time this week



















Started off joining in on a fight with BP & Rage, fought for a while and owned hard. Eventually some crashers came along and we pulled to GDZ to get ready to smoke whatever was dumb enough to come our way.






We took a bet last weekend, figuring the humiliation of rot would result in cookies choke-chain being yanked again, it brought us great satisfaction to see the spy infested Zenith log in near gap and were immediately hit on login by Onslaught. All 54 of their people that they had with them ingame were insta-pogged by the superior clan and for the next hour and a half we chased them around GDZ/Newgate/Volcano until we decided we were satisfied with their torment having prevented them from joining in on FO/Fi fights.




(for whatever reason our terror gfx broke and i cant find the raw file to re-upload so you get this one)



Set up a quick fight with Terror, not sure how many they had but we went hard. Fearless crashed with something like 14 people, we killed them too and called it a day after close to 2 hours of own.

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