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Plateau ~ RuneScape Pure League

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Plateau - Runescape Pure League

First things first, congratulations to Element (Finn, Doyph, Giga, Wessel, Jake, Runs, Andreas) on winning our first tournament - their video can be found here.



With our first formal tournament being a huge success, being one of the most entertaining tournaments to both watch and play in quite some time, we wanted to again push the bar and do different again to try and bring the community together.
Instead of the normal tournaments where some matches would be predetermined, we wanted to put together an event where it really felt like anyone interested in playing could have an impact on their team and have most things be evenly matched as they can be.
Everything down to the premade team identities is done to encourage putting aside all things outside of the league and playing for something independent of any other activities. Fun and competition are the focus.

8 captains draft their team (6 each for rosters of 7) from a pool of players that register from all over the community in a streamed draft, then navigate a 2-3 week regular season where every team plays each other once (best of 5 rounds).
"Regular season" matters, with the top 2 seeds moving onto the playoffs with a first round bye, while the bottom 2 seeds won't even make it into the playoffs.
Playoffs are single elimination, best of 5 rounds.
At least half of the regular season matches will be streamed on our twitch, with the entirety of the playoffs being streamed.
Teams will fight for a current prize pool of 400m, but we're actively looking for ways to get it to 1b+ by the finals to match everyone's effort. (Sponsorship opportunities for server and stream media are available, please contact me if you're interested)

We thank Sharkbrew for allowing us to cross-promote to raise awareness and hopefully encourage more people to register.
Our hopes is that this is a fun way for not only existing players to have a bit of consistent action to start off the summer, but for players that don't get as much time in environments where they are encouraged to improve to do so as well.

- also, paying homage to the IR team who originally did RPL with some of the original team identities etc, shoutout to them for the original ideas -

Key Dates / Timeline Information



Key dates/timeline

Registrations from May 22nd - May 28th cutting off at 5pm EST
Draft lottery on May 28th at 5pm EST
Draft stream on May 29th time TBA

Regular season matches can begin May 30th, and we'll allow 2-3 weeks depending on the situations to complete
the 8 games amongst the teams. (late registrations/pickups etcs are subject to review further down the line)

Playoffs will be in one weekend after regular season resumes, all TBD.

Draft / League Play / Playoffs Format


Draft Format
Draft lottery (picking order) will be streamed on twitch for all to see and for everything to remain clear and
consistent. We want to be transparent throughout the whole process.
From then on the next day, captains will start selecting players from the available pool. The whole process will be streamed.

League Play Format
Every team plays each other once in a best of 5 rounds match, doesn't have to be on the same day.
Fights will need to be submitted with proof that both teams are fighting for their match and not a scrimmage.
At the end of the 2-3 week period, every team should have completed 8 matches.
Top 1/2 seeds advance with a bye to the playoffs, bottom seeds 7/8 do not make the playoffs.

Playoff format
Best of 5, single elimination
1/2 Seeded teams Bye into semifinals
3/6 and 4/5 fight in first round to meet the bye teams



No Infinity Robes (Top, bottom, hat)
No Slayer Helm
No Nightmare Staves of any kind
No Staff of the Dead Spec
No Staff of Light Spec
No Staff of Balance Spec
No Dragon Spear
No Granite Maul
No Mithril Seeds
No Venom
No Hasta
No Veng Other
No Normal Spellbook
No Crystal Halberd / Halberds of any kind
No Spec Restore



400M+ Prize Pool
Personalized signature for and discord roles for winners
Personalized re-cap video for winners

How To Register
Join our Discord
Fill out the registration form - here - or locate it in the #announcements or #rpl-feed-updates channel
Pm a mod/admin and let them know you signed up to receive the 'Draft Participant' role

Keep in mind as long as you have a maxed or near maxed account with cwa gear, you're eligible to sign up. Everyone will get picked!

We look forward to seeing all the newer and older tournament participants sign up and compete!



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