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  1. After careful reflection I have to admit I find this profoundly abhorrent. I would advise my right honourable friend to seek some sort of therapy to help him with this view.
  2. Calm down buddy, Zenith has had more remakes than the Batman franchise. You will never eclipse the ray of light known as Fatality.
  3. After long discussions and negotiations with fellow ranks and elders, we came to the agreement that this "declaration" will pump some life into our dinosaur of a clan. Hitherto we have had nothing to play for and the reality is we have nothing to lose and all to gain partaking in a clan wars battle with Foe. I sincerely hope Dan holydreams who celebrated his 30th birthday last week will consider this offer. May the best clan win.
  4. I believe our (Fatality) tactics with mains is probably the most effective, we deceive our enemies into a false sense of security then unleash a sea of Rune on them.
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