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  1. Fo cancelling a lot of preps these days lmfao
  2. No offence, but this clearly isn’t unbiased. Supremacy have and currently do have the upperhand - would be good to see some matched pull wilderness action but that hasn’t happened yet (aka supremacy have been outpulling).
  3. You lost like 7 in a row, let’s not make excuses LMFAO. fo has no quality in 2019, work on it.
  4. @smokepurppawful quiet about this LOLOL at least outrage have cojones
  5. If hitting you off gives us a break from these topics, then let’s hope vision follows through.
  6. They’ve been doing this for ages lmfao They cracked 1000 replies early last year when they were rivalling Apex
  7. You say bait, but do you genuinely believe Foe is a quality clan these days lmfao?
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