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  1. You’re rivalling BP right now... And your point is also completely irrelevant. The fact is that you’re pulling high along with four other clans and would rather focus on those pulling 25 less than you over those pulling 5-10 more. If you’re worried about your quality feel free to pm anyone in Apex to give you a run down on 2v2s.
  2. 65 pull but spent the entire trip hitting clans that had ~40 cmon lol
  3. Finally doing something? We haven’t lost a p2p prep in two years lmfao. What will UB be remembered for? You guys are mediocre at everything.
  4. Wow you guys don’t seem to be piping up much anymore. what happened?
  5. Regardless of whether there were signups your clan still spent Saturday getting fucked
  6. Foe looked like they copped a +15 in a few seconds cmon lmfao
  7. How bad must your irl be to spend your free time consistently writing essays on Sharkbrew. Grow up cunt
  8. You said you were living in their head you dumb cunt
  9. Imagine not owning the place where you live. Fucking poor cunt.
  10. 5:1 k/d? Your only vidder literally went 1:1 the entire return fight.
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