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  1. OG had VENGENCE, PH, VENOM & Some True Loyalty Invites with them and only pulled 60.. OG is a dead clan, keep avoiding us, you got lured to CWA, And Denied To Fight US 50 vs 50 LOL BP Had NO CWA Fights
  2. someone tagged me in here fagget lmao dont me mad cause i exposed your bullshit ahahahaha
  3. all i see is og getting bullied south and then west singles at bandits and then logging out to get a full regroup after being cleared and logging back in while bp stay in the same world fighting og claming a gwass after bp just fought apex and terror west bandits lmao chased a few stragglers in (singles) of bp after revenants & bp just fought north of rev cave lmao then during the ly fight at chaos temple og got fucked up and abandon them/ there not a single full clear in og video, stay hyped losers
  4. OG Is Getting Pretty Desperate Now Bragging About Pulling 10 L00000000000l They were Pretty much non-existent
  5. im not watching a 40min video lmao i got better things to do in life so heres a screenshot of the end of BP VS OG videos
  6. OG is such dog shit, all there good for is dick sucking each other off on Sharkbrew LOL
  7. You spelled it wrong and you're probably too mentally challenged to understand its a acronym.
  8. Those are from yesterday "sunday" fucking reject lmao sick IGN name fucking nab "zezima" lmao!
  9. Does OG Really Believe Thier Own Lies? a8274bdbf75e85360b0260e848c27a20.mp4 8329bb3df9512ad6122cb7ae5c758389.mp4
  10. This Is Litterally The End of Your Video l000000000000000000000000000000000000l now go watch mine for the rest of it, why are you running around like a idiot. l0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000l
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