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  1. you would think a 12 year old clan has experience
  2. Forums link: https://legacy-rs.org/ Discord: https://discord.gg/muQwQVC TeamSpeak Address: Ts.legacy-rs.org Today Legacy massed up and peaked 75 hungry spartans to demolish clans. Today Legacy come out to make a statement to the pure community. Not only to take out the trash that is Fatality, but to let everyone know that Legacy is here to stay, by surpassing everyone's exceptions and being #1 overall for today's F2P trip. Thank you Final Ownage, Supremacy and Intense Redemption for today today's fights!
  3. Give them props for trying
  4. foe was hitting us too lol nonetheless fi couldnt hang
  5. that gap between your teeth is bigger than fatalitys future LFMAOOASO im done
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