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  1. GF KO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
  2. If both end up declining it'll just be true testament to how corny and lame this shit has gotten with all the politics and lack of interesting shit going on Best of luck all
  3. warring with no politics completionist shit on niche builds
  4. │ │ Tuesday August 11th, 2020: After having not stepped foot in clw for a p2p prep in some months, we massed up 51 Godkings for our P2P prep. Shoutout to Blunt Purez and Supremacy for accepting the challenge and massing up for a fun high-opt war. We prepared well and it showed in our gameplay, taking home each round in convincing fashion, never dropping below 30 on the opt counter. Thank you for the fight and we look forward to any clan who wishes to challenge us in the future. Apex Opts: 40 Blunt Purez / Supremacy Opts: 40 Apex Ending: 33 Blunt Purez / Supremacy Ending: 0 WIN Apex Opts: 42 Blunt Purez / Supremacy Opts: 42 Apex Ending: 33 Blunt Purez / Supremacy Ending: 0 WIN Apex Opts: 38 Blunt Purez / Supremacy Opts: 38 Apex Ending: 30 Blunt Purez / Supremacy Ending: 0 WIN
  5. that's cool/happy for yall, just don't pay attention much I guess, would love to prep y'all both servers but it prob won't happen for whatever pure clan politic-y reason.
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