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  1. that's cool/happy for yall, just don't pay attention much I guess, would love to prep y'all both servers but it prob won't happen for whatever pure clan politic-y reason.
  2. cotm is a system based on not only winning preps but also amount of preps you get, I suppose you can swap fo for ly but like I said a definitive list is hard to say considering the first 3 on yours haven't prepped Apex in recent times (vice versa), but I see your list is biased anyways considering you threw slander for Zenith not prepping anyone or whatever when they have they prob just haven't prepped you. Not here to argue semantics or be corny over the shit, but you're entitled to your opinion I guess lol, since that's all this is (opinions)
  3. depends what aspect you're looking at i guess pulls wise wildy probably like zen/ly/fo, rage, then apex/fi as a toss up cwa is a little harder to tell considering a lack of certain clans prepping each other (especially in p2p), but p2p it's prob apex by a long mile, then zen/fi/fo/rage in no order. f2p is a bit more of a tossup with those same clans but i don't really think i could accurately list them in a 1-5 manner. just my opinion, if someone gets mad over it oh well.
  4. sweet first trip, grats can't wait to see how yall continue to do in cwa, best of luck 🥰
  5. Should probably just give up the habitual attention seeking you've done on these forums for the past 3~ years and just join a clan and be normal lol
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