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  1. robbyy

    Becoming a Graphics Designer

    2 year old case, since then Maxx has been consistently regarded as one of the best designers in the dying community. That's just my 2 cents.
  2. robbyy

    cwa 5v9 comeback vs Misfits

    LMAOOOO hope you been well too g but you know I’m a Celtics fan 😭😭😭
  3. robbyy

    cwa 5v9 comeback vs Misfits

    lmao i was full food i wasn't losing that even if it went to 1v1. 😜
  4. been a pleasure doing business, communicative and friendly / hmu for orders ~ robbyy#5880
  5. robbyy

    robbyy's gfx shop v2

    just finished clan set for The Plague thx dudes enjoy got big cartoon banner order but I can fit some things in between/after hit me up for alllll work
  6. robbyy

    robbyy's gfx shop v2

    i know u niggas got some coin that nigga j just bought an rsn for 3 hundo
  7. robbyy

    robbyy's gfx shop v2

    nothing fancy, just copy pasting last year's thread with some newer shit (not too much new stuff) Portfolio - https://robbyy.carbonmade.com/ ------------------------ used to make gfx a lot, got a bit of free time now so I figured I'd post this again. Don't usually have a set price on things, pm and let's talk. Recent examples below for those who don't wish to click on the link if you need anything not pictured just pm me rsgp/pp/cashapp ------------------------ Recent examples Banners Dividers Signatures Awards Avatars Video Overlays (looks better on video) MISC. Thanks for viewing.
  8. robbyy


    niggas will never get tired of reminiscing (myself included)
  9. robbyy

    whats up!

    Hit my pm
  10. robbyy


    Your vids were p good back in the day hey
  11. robbyy

    What is your honnest opinion.

    Dude made a whole forum topic seeking attention over a fast food value meal and his electronic reputation