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  1. If you're looking for graphics don't hesitate to contact me on discord: robbyy#5880 also feel free to view my new portfolio ; robbyy.carbonmade.com
  2. pretty happy with how this turned out. shoutout to jordy and ethan for helping with the creative brainstorming process and making this all much easier on me. i'll be updating my portfolio and thread sometime in the next 2 days and my schedule is great again. don't hesitate to pm.
  3. niggas do corny shit then have to defend themselves like lol come on bro thanks for the fight either way.
  4. i mean, no ones upset, we do it for fun and we won 2-1 sets. just funny that no clan even ever posts set wins in a bo3 loss, that's all. kinda corny lol. don't be so insecure on sharkbrew my man what are you even saying? LMAO
  5. disappointed but not surprised that lil guys would count a set win in a bo3 as a dub but hey it's 2019 who cares and any teams opening is more fun! enjoy the projects
  6. i don't even play right now, stop being a retard.
  7. thanks supremacy you guys are a formidable foe and i enjoy every encounter we happen to find ourselves in one way or another
  8. nice work leaker
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