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  1. Some stuff I've never posted over the past couple months. Last works with the old set of tools. Open for orders and offering same day completion depending on the time of day. Hit me. robbyy#5880
  2. Graphic design, creative direction, and more. After taking a month and some change away from design and the community in general, I've decided to revamp my approach to my services completely and go through a rebrand. I've acquired an array of new tools and skills in my downtime. With this change I plan to keep on improving my quality and adding to my techniques, programs, speed, reliability, and more. If you've shopped with me before, I hope we can continue to do business in a more efficient manner than ever before. If you're a new or potential customer, I look forward to working with you. Feel free to contact me on discord for any inquiries while I finish up my actual server; robbyy#5880 Services offered below. Also partnering with a friend who offers forum designs in the next couple of days. (This service is currently available, just not set up) Payment methods Thank you for your time!
  3. some of these replies really show why this shit can be so lame nowadays
  4. gj, lookin forward to next prep and p2p
  5. would be interesting to see a 50v50 both servers between both of yall gj on the dub
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