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  1. Cody9204

    Dear apex & imt

    Even with all your glorious chinese secrets you still wouldn't be able to save them.
  2. Cody9204

    EOP back up?

    grats you killed me for about 65k after 3hrs of obsessing over me. 😂
  3. Cody9204

    EOP back up?

    Nobody cares.
  4. Cody9204

    update Segregation of Main/Pure/PvP forum section

    Think it's a good base. I think the widgets on the right side that make the pages twice as long as needed could be fixed. You could get away with removing Active Topics & Discord widgets. If you're committing to this tabbed layout there's no need to be compact. You could also toss one of these designers a few bucks to throw sb logo on some clean buttons, too. Possibly make the subsections tiered underneath the main section instead of just listing them to the side, like: PvP Discussion Video/Stream/Loot Pictures Guides & Tutorials Instead of: PvP Discussion Video/Stream/Loot Pictures Guides & Tutorials Just to take up a little more room since PvP is looking really lonely rn. Might be able to make new sections. For example: PvP Discussion (general section) Videos Pictures Streaming (advertising your Twitch) Twitch clips Guides & Tutorials You also might want to mod the sections more strictly. Rn most people just post random shit and midweeks in the Wilderness section of the pure tab even if it's pvp-related. May want to have people post all midweeks and unofficial events in the PvP section and make it so they can tag it as a midweek and leave Clan Wars/Wilderness in the Pure tab for all official events.
  5. Cody9204

    A proposal for FOE & Apex...

    No. Don't ever fuck with my wilderness trips for your shitty safezone minigame that I don't give a fuck about. Right now shitpex is the only clan in the scene that cares about clan wars.
  6. Cody9204

    Temptation ~ Kings of BattleScape

    ah yes i remember tp they were very mayhem
  7. looked like a prep sorry to disappoint lol
  8. Haven't seen@Cleezypiping up in a few weeks. Health check?

    1. slimjim



    2. DilL


      never heard of her

    3. Pigwrestler7


      @DilLnot surprised you’ve got memory loss after today lmfao

  9. Cody9204

    weekend Legacy F2P Saturday FT Sup,Fi,IR

    Imagine trying to 1v1 an lpc at ditch with half your clan being 60s & 70s from IMT lol..
  10. Cody9204


    2 months? try 2+ years lol. a good 90% of pure clanners on runescape also went to battlescape clan trips every weekend right after runescape and that was BEFORE eoc came where foe and tlp moved their entire clans to the game. Just because you had a bad time on bs doesn't mean other people did too.
  11. Cody9204


    The last two times we went back to BS it was completely dead. No clan wars action. No midweek action. Weekend action was short and boring and no clans wanted to cooperate to give their members action. I'm assuming it's the same people re-opening these rsps clans so I'm also going out on a limb and assuming it's going to turn out the same way as every other time we tried. No thanks from me on the third attempt. LET. IT. DIE.
  12. Cody9204

    RSPS Clanning Returns

    or no deal
  13. Cody9204

    Foe annihilated in the hot caves

    51 minutes later.. no video?
  14. Cody9204

    All Right break it down Legacy?

    Shut up you tlp reject. Stop crying that misfits closed into apex. If you want to know the ranks go look at their fucking forums.
  15. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo care