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    Lee reacted to robbyy in Both cringy virgins @ Marko @ Erik kyp   
    LMFAO retards @[email protected]
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    Lee reacted to Halp in Thanks for the fights today Legacy and IR. =]   
    Was fun looking forward to more.
  3. Like
    Lee got a reaction from Bryan in Bring back oldschool LPCs #hostility #purefect #terror #Leettactics #xL #unlimited #y   
    sup is hostility wym lol
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    Lee reacted to holydreams in What ever happened to the FI vs IR rivalry?   
    I spat out my apple juice reading hotkeyings post on this status hahaha
    ir titans is very afraid he can’t find me in his clan
  5. Good Banter
    Lee got a reaction from hotkeying in Imaging having Hanu, Roman & Tyen all in the same clan. What a head ache that's g   
    will they're all bigger assets to a clan than you'll ever be
  6. Good Banter
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    Lee reacted to Couck in Good to see misfits is confident. Hopefully they accept our 1v1 prep requests now   
    we literally destroyed misfits side when we were on that side calm down .. if you so confident accept our prep requests haha 
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    Lee reacted to Jaimy in selling 17 cotm cups   
    @Lee stfu weeb
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    Lee got a reaction from 0ldschooler in mfw eom hacks my sharkbrew account. are they rlly that scared ?   
    i thought it was mother eop @0ldschooler
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    Lee reacted to mashy in what an intense night in the wilderness   
    Love u
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    Lee reacted to Estranger in Mf sees 70 phoenixes and cancels their sunday trip lmfao!!?!!!   
    @Enza What treatment Lmao you are being bullied ea day lately and now ur canceling ur trips ,stay brown sticky stuff.
    @Lee @Whisky What treatment this nigga is talking about Lmao.
  12. Good Banter
    Lee got a reaction from Kanicus in   
    you got wiped at gdz and east of furnace @Kanicus lol
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    Lee reacted to Old Nox in what a day to be in green huh @Old Nox   
    gratz #green
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    Lee got a reaction from SkrtSkrt in ir and aao both ended their trips withing 40 minutes today feelsgoodman   
    i mean they both use discord exclusively so when it went down there isn't much they can do tbf
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    Lee reacted to Cody9204 in hey bighead   
    yo some big jigglies on ancient magus bride last night man
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