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  1. Kia ora brother!! I suggest SKO or either Rage, but get into SKO early if you can bro. Chur
  2. Hell yeah!! Sko! I remember the days! Rivals everywhere IR,EOP,FOE,TLP and many more!! Honestly the days of gold, good to see the comeback excited for yahs, best of luck! May have to sign up myself. Peace
  3. join Ascent dude, a lot piss takers with your account, a have an account similar and is boss, come chill
  4. whao, still open after all these years, I remember when you guys had the god of war graphics going, well done and goodluck
  5. Yeah fair call dude, I'm old school eop so don't really know what to expect from today's eop, tho I've been chilling in ascent, newly reopened and imo a fresh start to bring the right influence too, we can share a toxic free environment or at least be leaders for one. Gl
  6. I've been chilling in the cc for a week now and as much as I do enjoy ascent, realllly need to fix forums lads.
  7. Ive been laxing in the cc for a few days, and im happy with not only the clan but what its trying to do and attract new/returning players to a simply have fun do what you want to improve your account and others attitude, much love and now ill sign up on forums I think In my eyes, the only true xlpc out currently, envy misses out with their def cap..
  8. i second that, best of luck wth your search tho I must recommend eop
  9. welcome back envy! always good to see old clans making a comeback I think, do well hassan!
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