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  1. Lumpeh

    pure/midweek Misfits Midweek Ft Fi Return Fight

    Do you use that font so nobody can read your bullshit?
  2. Lumpeh


    This is beyond laughable and I kind of feel sorry for you now
  3. Lumpeh

    pure/midweek Monday - Misfit smoked again

    Why’re you even quoting me you brain dead gimp
  4. You make Belgian people look stupid & @Couck is Belgian...
  5. Lumpeh

    clan wars Doom vs Fatality F2P Prep (3-0)

    Yeah man, IR is pretty irrelevant and dead 👍🏼
  6. Lumpeh

    Supremacy dicks fatalitys p2p unit 4-1

    Saw maydays in thumbnail clearly not the p2p unit
  7. Lumpeh

    not counted Fatality Vs FO 2-1 P2p Prep

    He even paid for the privilege
  8. Lumpeh

    clan wars Supremacy vs Fatality | P2P Prep [3-0]

    You won your first p2p prep ever last year though?
  9. Where’s the bit where fi logged in on you and you teled in .5?
  10. Lumpeh

    Official 28/1/2018 Sunday P2P Rankings

    I love the taste of salt
  11. Lumpeh

    clan wars MF prep vs SUP 3-0 (Win by default)

    You aren’t and never will be #1 in cwa or wildy ever
  12. How can you have the balls to claim #2 with a 35 pull?