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  1. smh this shit wouldnt have happened if i was still wl of misfits
  2. mfw we rush apex in single at the beginning of trip and they have a separate fallin of mains next to them in sup capes lmfao

  3. im gonna reopen trauma dont worry
  4. IR the type of clan to teleport out down 30 opts and spam cleared in edge

  5. lul id say something about MF but the best rank theyve ever seen was me so enough said already
  6. shoutout to the ZU boys who piped up to me then got absolutely fucked by me in a prep l0l better luck next time

  7. why would they need invites when <20:12:51> "[Zee] Zee": you think we dont pull 40 on tmidweeks they especially wouldnt ask invites to come for preps because <20:13:13> "[Zee] Zee": preps are irrelevent
  8. hey now they're only 2nd worst matched in their own server, they beat AAO
  9. the truly amazing thing is that we pulled in the 20s and yet are still more relevant than misfits to every other clan because we do both servers also funny that at our lowest point we bent over misfits and beat them in a prep 3 out of 4 rounds
  10. we pulled more than they did come time for the prep to start nice job apex, unfortunate for mf going 0-2 today
  11. hey guys any work in IT here? i posted a topic about misfits forfeiting a prep and went offline a few minutes after, is this a common problem?

  12. mfw misfits asks for later preps then forfeits anyways because they cant show up on time :/

  13. at least after IR gets dicked all weekend, they can go back to their clan and hi-5 about swag of RS being in a sup cape and how thats the reason they lost every fight

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    2. Dr. Evil

      Dr. Evil

      you lost with swag of rs mains l000l

    3. lrish


      You once saved my mages wand at a trip, who am I?

    4. `Zack


      @Irish Acid <3

  14. sup stays winning events while IR stays too scared to get events
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