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  1. AAO needs tanks to survive in LPC?... I say they should move to Xlpc where it is easier for them to compete!! Gratz envy!! Tanks can't save them!
  2. Gratz Envy! nice opening trip! I still see alot of level 60s in the fall in! imagine you all train up to be 80+! Apex been LPC for years and full of 90+ and still maintained an hour fight with them! GJ !
  3. we didn't want this for OB! but their Ranks piped up said they will get CD tanks to hit us... God bless!! OB your''e DEAD! when Envy move's up RIP!
  4. @Don Elmir.. God Bless... lol Heres Neil poking Originalz, l00000000000l <16:34:24> "Neil/Ascent" pokes you: WTF ARE YOUDOING YOU BRAIN DEAD FUCK!?!?!? <16:38:59> "Neil/Ascent" pokes you: WTF ARE YOU DOING SITTING OUTSIDE!?!? GET THE FUCK IN AND HELP US CLEAN THEM UP! GOD DAMN
  5. ever since you started calling for BT they be slumping? dafuq ? @bt black son #facts... you have became a clanwars clan ever since this Noob got kicked from Envy to join you... maybe you should do something about it to get better coz at this rate you will pull 10 next week... Btw... GJ envy! 2v1! damn! looked good!
  6. oh damn, BT still open? haven't seen them out in 2 weeks ...shouldn't someone close this topic for being irrelevant? @slushpuppeh shouldn't a clan go out on weekends to be a clan? :l
  7. Be Realistic , Envy still have lvl 45s.. it's gonna be a while until they move up
  8. Best BT topic i have seen in a long ass time! @Big Meat teach these kids how it is!
  9. GZ envy looked fun! @Don Elmir nice idea vidding on a main to not die and miss the action! too bad he cant hit shit with that 20 attack!
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