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  1. just tele out when crashed and kick for teleing if during a legit fight.
  2. only idiots would accept 35 def but not 45
  3. um the bank at the ditch could just not accept yew logs or planks lol. Also the ditch nullifying damage should just be removed, then no1 cares if you get sniped at the ditch. heck that's what level 1 multi pking is all about. also make world 8 a high risk world and a no teleporting in wildy world. Fog returning would be good for f2p pking. even if no1 pks there, people would still check it which brings people up from the cancer that is level 1 wildy and makes it so there is more people to fight. i'd rather there no teleport be there as north of lumber yard is one of the few places where you can fight people in p2p and not have it turn into a rag return battle in p2p. and the pure world should be 1-5 def. why go to 10 or 20? the point is to rid the cancer that is mains. you might as well completely remove all mains, not keep 20 because some clans accept them.
  4. brah i was at that fight, it wasn't 300v300 or even close to that lol. if you watch that video it doesn't even look like there's more people than any 100v100 fight at gdz in osrs/pre eoc. and yeah any red vs blue event surpassed that fight. legit 1v1 fights was prob mm vs eop which was 115v130. eop always reports the video for child porn every time I fix it so no vod of the fight exists until youtube accepts the newest appeal
  5. anglers aren't changing in that regard. you can still eat up to 121 before a match starts. in multi you carry heavy brews anyway, you don't eat anglers at 99hp because you save them for when you need to combo. the meta for the past 8 years has always been to eat brews when ur 99hp, and rocktail/angler brew when you drop significant health. this doesn't affect multi. I could understand this notion if you brought 4 phx necks and 20 anglers, but brews are 2.1k each now, the cheapest health/gp and the most hp/inv slot. there's no reason you wouldn't take them
  6. I mentioned it on the pure suggestion thread but it would be nice if there was an option to cap it at an equal opt fight. so if its 40v40, no other player in the CC who isn't in the fight can enter the battle once it goes down to 39 in a return fight. that way it truely is a 40v40 and not a 40v40 with 10 people waiting to join as soon as the opt falls
  7. it's harder to find piles in main clans because every1 is a 4ner and even the english people speak with a slur.
  8. how about basic clan wars updates? A no venom rule so we can use venom weapons in clan wars without venoming. An overload rule so we can have a different meta similar to pre eoc's. A friendly fire rule so we can kill our own teammates. A gear cap rule, set it to 1def/55def items only. A returning rule, where if you die/leave CC, you can't enter the clan wars portal within X seconds like 30/60/90/120/150/180. they could make it like dmm where a timer pops up on your chatbox and it has to count down from 60 for you to enter if they think it's too hard to code properly. A dangerous option + staking option for clan wars. If jagex is worried about "luring" with dangerous, make it so you have to set the ability to do dangerous clan wars like a bank pin. after 7 days, you can now enter dangerous clan wars. They were literally so close to adding the staking option which is why we have a delay on the 2nd screen of the clan wars menu. If dangerous option is added, make it so pked loot goes to a coffer where you can claim it after the match. Add it as a rule in case people don't like this for whatever reason Make it so worlds don't update instantly so world trackers don't work.
  9. the f2p world would be dead most of the time so he has a point. but like others have said, it only needs to be wilderness only. that way the f2p world could be used by everyone for most things since wildy in f2p is dead content outside of clan pking. Ask for a p2p world that is pures only. that would have 500-1000 people in at it all times. ask for basic clan wars QOL. have a dangerous option, make it so you can't leave cc (some random events have it so you can access inventory, so it's possible to make it so you can't access clan chat), have a matched opt option, and have the option for the instance not to end once a clan has been cleared (So people can loot). As someone who got 1->8 def 2005-2011, mainly through glitches, I am 100% for the world/wildy being limited to 1-5 def.
  10. What is the biggest problem facing the pure community at the moment? Well if we ignore that the community won't vote anything related to pures into the game because of just prejudice, regardless of game balance, then that would have to be: There are two glaring issues. Mains are the obvious one, but they aren't the biggest issue. Even in pre eoc, we had clans pulling half mains but the scene was alive and healthy. The actual biggest issue is that every weekend trip is always a complete mess for numerous reasons. And because these trips mean nothing, the only reason to go to these trips is for the lulz which gets boring after awhile and most people cycle out. Reasons weekend trips are a complete mess: 1) World trackers. World trackers single handedly kill any chance you ever have of a clean fight. Now that there are 30 f2p worlds, you could get a clean 1v1 fight if it wasn't for world trackers, minus spies. 2) Teleporting. Being robbed of a kill is not fun. 2) Throughout the years, Jagex have made returning even easier. 2004-2013, f2p fights were fuck as fuck. it wasn't just always mass return fights, that was for p2p. you would usually clear one team. that doesn't happen anymore because you can return in 30seconds. The removal of hop timer (34 seconds x2), more teleports, more bank options, spawning in edge, etc, have made returning way too fast. 3) The meta is just fucking stale. There's been no progress since 2012. Well there was a regress in 2013-2016, but we aren't ahead of where we were in 2012. 4) the mindset has shifted for the osrs community. It's about being efficient now. and sacrificing money every death to gain nothing is against that mentality. Many people make pures dreaming of hitting the big loot and becoming rich. Clan fights are the total opposite of that. What suggestion do you have that could fix this said problem? Short term Solution is to make things fresh. The long term solution is to add QoL updates to clanning so clanning is more appealing. What comes to mind instantly: 1. Make pking profitable for everyone. just like how skilling and pvm is profitable for everyone, regardless of how good you are. Things like loot keys (which auto go to your looting bag), spawning statues, unlocking more rewards in the bh shop or something like a bh shop could work 2. We need the fucking clan chat. Seriously, nothing makes people not want to play more than not having a feature you previously enjoyed. Clan chat is important for 2 reasons. It's a lot easier to manage, and the clan hiscores were huge for competition. K/d for fights was an amazing update. If it were to come again, i'd make it so you could see how many kills were gained by X player in Y hours and how many deaths too. 3. Clan wars revamp. Switch up the meta, stick in overloads as an option. Clan wars was designed to one day have clan staking which is why we have that stupid delay on the 2nd screen. Add more options such as "no returning for 60/90/120/150/180seconds" so we can have return fights that end with a clan getting cleared. Add a dangerous option so we can pk a clan for their stuff and make loot just go to your bank. I'm from MM where we despised clan wars, and now I see the wilderness is just outdated. Crashing is still good fun but every single time it's just annoying. Add CC locks so more people can't join (so you could lock it to 40v40 of only the same 40 people). oddball and koth don't even function properly and it would take 5minutes to fix it (dropping oddball to your team / needing 51% more people to get hill time instead of simply having majority), not that I think they would ever be used, but more pvp options is never a bad thing. Add common gear cap rules for mains. A "pure only" world is good for community growth but it will only solve one problem and create another. IF pure clan A has 5 more than pure clan B with no mains, pure clan B simply won't enter that world. Clan wars revamp would solve the problem of world trackers for 1v1 fights, teleporting (as long as you can't leave CC), mains, and meta 4. Run another Clan cup. The clan cup is a staple of the clan world and Jagex has just been in hiding for the past 3 years. 5. You can solve world trackers by just making worlds update population every 10minutes. 6. The pure community could use more advertising. Jagex is hosting an all star event which features pures so hopefully people can see how fun pures can be. A 1 defence only DMM for 1 season I feel like would also help, assuming every clan here actually participates and tries to win. another cool update would be if you could spectate clan wars in any world. say foe vs eop is in w5, but you hit "scry" in world 69, you could see that foe vs eop was happening in w5 and hop there to watch How should the unified council or committee decide on which suggestion to push for? The only possible way would be for slush puppy to be the dictator. A council of clan reps would never work. Clans only look out for themselves. People who aren't in clans can be bribed. A Council where people can discuss ideas would be fine, but slush would have the final say or can be overruled with 85% in favor (I laughed typing something this serious). P.s. pure worlds should be 1-9 defence. cleanse the cancer fully, not with a band aid. also this forum being the toxic hub that it is doesn't help our problems either. but then we'll have a purewarfare vs pure community situation as soon as a few clans don't like how the site's censored. if we push for clan chat, we can get it... edit: if you could just reset your stats at will at an npc in lumby, BOOM, growth fucking explodes. pking fucking explodes. just make it so the items/abilities requiring certain quests hard req the quest reward xp level to use. (so veng would require 40 def to use). also solves the problems of pures getting hacked for def, getting def from a bug, or just messing up.
  11. the pure community has 1000 people. you could easily just require members to take the "what do you want to see in runescape" survey jagex sends out a couple times a year. or just have them tweet jagex ash over and over. until then nothing will happen.
  12. I'll have you know that the great clan EOP broke their fullout victory cherry in the jcup of 2015. also lol at that foe vid. it was more like 115 vs 105 and i skype moms had 380 kills that fight to put that at a 2.1 kdr lmao. Though that still puts them at 520-400 kills-death.
  13. unless it's 1-9 def there's no point. 1-20/30/39 would just bring the same cancer we have now. Clans are saying members wouldn't retrain but thats just lies. When you see those lpcs and mpcs having fun every single weekend, you're going to cleanse your clan eventually. not like it's hard to "train" in nmz anyway. 90 cmb cap would be okay... but it still has way too much potential for abuse. Obv 1-4 would be even better, but its only 1 cmb to go up to 9 def and you don't get any significant gear until 10 anyway. I just feel for the people who get 1->5 def with a 38x3 gmaul spec on def once. also to the reject about voice comms. lmao. It wasn't no voice that made them fun. it was because we were pre pubescent kids who got entertainment from cutting a tree; in comparison everything else would be loads more fun. Also i was using vent in 2006, people were using voice comms even before that even if you werent. It's more fun to talk to people
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