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  1. can someone explain @Proccyhow to use protect item on runescape.com l000000000000000000000000l
  2. we all know foe will never win COTM whahahaha
  3. 4802b49646f5bc16c0c9b10524fca241.png?wid

    this is what proccy means by +30 whahahahhaha smoked retards

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    2. Zenith Shoota

      Zenith Shoota

      Rage are a main clan tho @Bountyya absolute beef neck inbred hahhahaha

    3. Bounty


      You are a fking slave in z, ly is fucking u every time ur in wildy shit maser clan. Oh btw i forgot whats ur cwa record 0-30? kyp dog

    4. Zenith Shoota

      Zenith Shoota

      Hahhahahha you sound mad as fuck, angry little rattttttt

  4. fo's logic of winning: getting smoked for 30 mins untill a main clan logs in and hits rage who make rage leave. GJ BOYS WE WON shit leaders lol
  5. wb have fun on your journey !
  6. its saturday who cares about a thursday event lmao we were busy keeping our #1 f2p belt
  7. gj lads, another dub for the boys meanwhile foe lost to apex hahahahaha
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