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  1. Imagine saying this when nobody besides apex thinks apex is good l0l dmk closed buddy lmfaooo
  2. bOb


    You know it's time to retire when you start banning people like whisky and nick1 lmfao.
  3. Wait why is mike harmz flaming sup peoples irl? This guy really is breaking and got emotional over a few audio leaks? L0l nice nick and co
  4. REPA made you make this topic l00l00ll0l0l0l00l0l0ll0 cmon man
  5. bOb

    announcement Troll Accs

  6. bOb

    announcement Lenin

    @Lenin a snake
  7. bOb

    best ranks in the scene atm

    Ace Krave easily the best. Even after the closure of his 28th clan he still has the commitment and determination to try and open another clan and to have those 2 values are very rare to find. (xd btw lol)
  8. drinking my wizard mind bomb and throwing my gnome ball at falador park