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  1. waaaaah. im in rage and ub keeps bullying us and we cant handle it. waaaaaaaah
  2. u were busy running laps around the wild. blame your broccolied leadership for that lma0
  3. waaaah. im rage and eop and no one will fight me because as soon as we get hit we double log with mains. waaaah.
  4. rage just killed their own clan lma0

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    2. Breachyo


      ur clans already ded fuckin dog lmfao c u on sat

    3. Logic


      how is your clan gonna kill another when 80% of your trip is at zammy mage

    4. Kanicus


      Lol, you seem butthut tbh

  5. eop is a legacy clan that has never accomplished anything. tbh idk why ppl are surprised lol.

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    2. Newcomer


      @arcanes pro at least our leaders are white.

    3. arcanes pro

      arcanes pro

      rather have miniorties than a rank team who likes meat thrusting them in their anus

    4. Newcomer


      and that is the reason eop is in the state that it is.

  6. waah. im eop and all my leaders are black and 4n. everyone is leaving our crumbling clan. waah

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