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  1. Fortitude

    A warning to Rage(r)s and shitpremecy

    mmm salty
  2. Fortitude

    BT Black Son Asked For This

    Very nice logs, you got 'em!
  3. Fortitude

    pure/midweek Ascents Tuesday Torture FT.BT

    What even is this post? Can this get moved to somewhere with no content
  4. Fortitude

    zerk/tank Vengeance Unofficial Ft. IR 4/11/18

    Mains hitting pures? downvote
  5. Shout to always show true pov instead of edited propaganda
  6. Sometimes cars need to be cut in half man
  7. Fortitude

    Worst LPC clan right now?

    Probably envy, claims to be opening into lpc, but pulls 60s to a 50s bracket?
  8. Fortitude

    make clanning great again

    Crash fight meta tho
  9. Goodluck turmoil. But why hit pure teams? Maybe Set up fights with others in your bracket?
  10. Fortitude

    announcement Improving moderation & moderation feedback

    It looked like a lot of aftermaths featuring "pure" clans that bring mains maintain the "pure/pkri" or "pure/weekend" tag. Look into that?
  11. Fortitude

    F2P PvP world & World Rota

    it seems as if f2p pvp worlds has killed f2p