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  1. no apex aftermath
  2. Fortitude

    Question of the day

  3. Fortitude

    weekend Saturday trip

    looks toxic
  4. Fortitude

    IMT + SKO pls ead this

    you write like a 12 year old
  5. Fortitude

    A warning to Rage(r)s and shitpremecy

    mmm salty
  6. Fortitude

    BT Black Son Asked For This

    Very nice logs, you got 'em!
  7. Fortitude

    pure/midweek Ascents Tuesday Torture FT.BT

    What even is this post? Can this get moved to somewhere with no content
  8. Fortitude

    zerk/tank Vengeance Unofficial Ft. IR 4/11/18

    Mains hitting pures? downvote
  9. Shout to always show true pov instead of edited propaganda
  10. Fortitude

    What it's really like to live in the hood

    Sometimes cars need to be cut in half man