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  1. Rien

    A funny / sad fact

    maybe it would help if apex would dare to fite during the week and not hide behind Friday night (on which normal gmt ppl go outside).
  2. Rien

    A funny / sad fact

    yea because foe has never been able to compete without the help of mains
  3. Eom should step up but they wont. Think this one will go to apex.
  4. eop just close already
  5. Rien

    announcement Dull

    Will it ever stop
  6. And the iq of eom keeps dropping...
  7. Rien

    Legends of P2P

    ye because asking for a fullout that only can take place during our anniversary makes total sense = eom logics
  8. Rien

    Legends of P2P

    eom declare us p2p + f2p or just keep quite pls thnx