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  1. QuitGame

    cwa [P2P] Supremacy vs Final Ownage Elite 25v25 2-1

    GJ tigers, thanks for the action foe, was fun! :)
  2. When all the vodka and beer is cleared from the supermarkets, Striketeam is ready to return from the summer break and start off even stronger and better than before! Striketeam is also going to be 10 years old this season, which means that big parties and celebrations are on the way, more information and of course aftermath topics are coming in the future! Good luck to everyone and hope to see you all in the wilderness soon! QuitGame.
  3. QuitGame

    pure/weekend Supremacy's #1 F2P Saturday Ft Everyone

    Sup walking their IR dogs as usual. Sup #1.
  4. QuitGame

    clan wars Supremacy vs Misfits | P2P Prep [2-1]

    GJ tigers, nice win!
  5. QuitGame

    pure/weekend/verified (S)TrikeTeam Sunday FT BP/D/IR/FOE/A

    Was fun trip! Ty everyone for action!
  6. QuitGame

    Supremacy vs IR 2-1 in sets P2P

    Gj tigers!
  7. QuitGame


  8. Seems u had fun trip chasing me with your whole clan from barb village to draynor. Sitting singles sunday.
  9. QuitGame

    pure/pkri Supremacy vs Phoenix | F2P Pkri

    Tigers won again as usual.
  10. QuitGame

    Prestige vs Striketeam F2P Prep War (2-1) ft. Come-back

    Ty 4 fight, was fun, looking soon for another one!