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  1. Team Paradox

    main ROT Vs TR F2P Fight (ROT POV)

    rot closed tr lmfao
  2. Team Paradox

    main Avalon vs Vanguard [45 Min Cap]

    gratz avalon
  3. Team Paradox

    main VR dismantle DK

    grats vr, so is DK still with you?
  4. Team Paradox

    Wee Man Intro

    hey weeman
  5. Team Paradox

    TT vs rV

  6. Team Paradox

    Game Update: Friday 24th August

  7. Team Paradox

    announcement Pure & Runite Community Gatekeepers!

    zybez will be missed thats for sure
  8. one thing i would strongly recommend is a 'bump' HOi0CgD.png

    it would benefit us clans, it doesnt have to be unlimited bumps, just something. different ranks = more bumps or something. I'm sure other clans would appreciate this not just me

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    2. Team Paradox

      Team Paradox

      but only once unless someone from your clan replies to it to bump it.

    3. puppyslush


      uhh oh.. now i see ur point. Ok let me see if i can work something out for you. Generally recruitment topics tend to be pretty active, that's why previously i didn't see the need for a bump feature

    4. Team Paradox

      Team Paradox

      i would greatly appreciate it, let me pm about a idea

  9. Team Paradox

    Looking for Gfx

    http://gfxdistrict.com/ his name is calum, he designs a lot of websites, graphics & more. hes the best there is by far