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  1. Team Paradox

    main ROT Vs TR F2P Fight (ROT POV)

    rot closed tr lmfao
  2. Team Paradox

    main Avalon vs Vanguard [45 Min Cap]

    gratz avalon
  3. Team Paradox

    main VR dismantle DK

    grats vr, so is DK still with you?
  4. Team Paradox

    Wee Man Intro

    hey weeman
  5. Team Paradox

    Game Update: Friday 24th August

  6. Team Paradox

    announcement Pure & Runite Community Gatekeepers!

    zybez will be missed thats for sure
  7. one thing i would strongly recommend is a 'bump' HOi0CgD.png

    it would benefit us clans, it doesnt have to be unlimited bumps, just something. different ranks = more bumps or something. I'm sure other clans would appreciate this not just me

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    2. Team Paradox

      Team Paradox

      but only once unless someone from your clan replies to it to bump it.

    3. puppyslush


      uhh oh.. now i see ur point. Ok let me see if i can work something out for you. Generally recruitment topics tend to be pretty active, that's why previously i didn't see the need for a bump feature

    4. Team Paradox

      Team Paradox

      i would greatly appreciate it, let me pm about a idea

  8. Team Paradox

    Looking for Gfx

    http://gfxdistrict.com/ his name is calum, he designs a lot of websites, graphics & more. hes the best there is by far
  9. you can join on your main, requirements is on our website