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  1. wish there was more clan fights in f2p, gj rot
  2. judging from ur forum signature ur a swamp german, we have a few of those in sv. drop an intro and see how it goes. sv-rs.net
  3. Sv will win, jaja pulls low numbers and quality has steadily dropped off since siding with ct in the rev vs ct crashwar not that thats saying anything, its just as a reference of time. whats likely to happen is ct will absorb them like unk or evo or theyll just close. I hope they see that its not gonna work and just join Sv though instead of throwing a tantrum which is all this "crashwar" even is. 8 people being angry
  4. americans shouldnt be allowed to own butterknives let alone guns. savages
  5. grats on your trip, hope we can get a few scraps
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